British Traditions: The North vs. South Football Match

Posted in GRAND PRIX LONDON 2015 on August 15, 2015

By Craig Jones

One of the regular traditions of British Grand Prix is the North versus South football match (soccer for our readers from across the pond). This is where the finest (ahem) athletes of the North and South battle for bragging rights on a soggy football pitch (for more on the general sogginess of London in August, read below).

At Grand Prix Liverpool the South had the temerity to give the North a beating in their own backyard. Revenge was called for and on a soggy park in West Ham revenge was gained.

Once again I was sadly unable to attend as problems with the London Underground saw me arrive at the venue late and hungry. Northern regular Neil Rigby was able to give me the details the next morning. After going 2-0 down the North pulled it back and romped away to a 7-2 victory thanks to some Danish ringers that were a little more useful on the football pitch than people were expecting. Denmark is technically North, so it's fair, sort of.

It was also a very soggy evening. We're having a lot of rain at Grand Prix London this weekend. Perfect weather to be indoors and slinging cards in my opinion.

The rain was also the reason for Rigby's unconventional attire today. He brought the Christmas jumper down for a joke. It ended up being the only thing he had dry after foolishly leaving his suitcase open to the elements during the football match. Everything else was currently draped across radiators in his hotel room.

An unseasonal jumper

His jumper was not the only unconventional thing Rigby had brought to the tournament. For the past year, Neil has been part of the coverage team, working as the spotter in the feature match area. A spotter is the person who makes sure the life totals are updated correctly for the video coverage. Today, however, he was playing. While his main deck choice is one of the expected archetypes (Blue-Red Thopters), his sideboard for that deck was definitely unexpected. There were cards in there I didn't even know existed, some that even cost colored mana other than red and blue, to be cast via Springleaf Drum and Mana Confluence ...

Hopefully he'll do well enough for us to see them in action later in the tournament.