Day 2 Metagame of Grand Prix London 2015

Posted in GRAND PRIX LONDON 2015 on August 16, 2015

By Tobi Henke

The numbers are in! 238 decklists have all been found, sorted, checked, and counted, and we have some interesting statistics to look at. So let's dive right in, shall we?

Deck # %
Abzan Control 43 18.1
Hangarback Abzan 26 10.9
Red Aggro 25 10.5
Jeskai 23 9.7
Green Devotion with Red 17 7.1
Megamorph 17 7.1
Ensoul Artifact 9 3.8
Heroic 9 3.8
Abzan Rally 8 3.4
Esper Dragons 7 2.9
Abzan Aggro 6 2.5
Constellation 6 2.5
Red-Green Dragons 6 2.5
Black-Red Dragons 5 2.1
Mardu Dragons 5 2.1
Blue-Red Sphinx's Tutelage 4 1.7
Naya Dragons 3 1.3
White-Blue Control 3 1.3
Goblins 2 0.8
Hardened Scales 2 0.8
Mardu Midrange 2 0.8
Sidisi-Whip 2 0.8
White Devotion with Blue 2 0.8
Others 6 2.5
Total 238 100

First of all, Sandsteppe Citadel, or potentially Windswept Heath, may just be the most-played card on the second day of Grand Prix London. Not only did Abzan Control take the lead with a whopping 43 players, the deck which put the second most players into Day 2 was Hangarback Abzan, a version of Abzan Aggro adapted to include everyone's favorite new toy Hangarback Walker.

Meanwhile, traditional Abzan Aggro had mostly fallen by the wayside, but was still represented. The combo-ish version of Abzan centered on Rally the Ancestors put up a minor showing as well, and five Megamorph players and two Constellation players went Abzan too. (The rest of the latter two stayed within the two colors of green and white.)

Add that all up and you'll find that Abzan took a full 37.8 percent of the Day 2 field, although there is quite a bit of variation within the color combination of course.

Other things to note: One of the decks listed as Red Aggro featured a minor splash of green for Atarka's Command, one of the Green Devotion players ran a pair of Sarkhan Unbroken, all of the Heroic decks used the Bant colors except one which was straight-up white-blue, and one Ensoul Artifact deck featured white instead of red.

Some decks were only represented with a single copy in Day 2. Check back after the Top 8 for our "Archetype Exemplars" to get the full lists of some of the more "out there" creations!