Quick Questions #1

Posted in Event Coverage on August 15, 2015

By Craig Jones

Later this month, 24 of the best Magic players of our time will gather in Seattle for the 2015 World Championship. This weekend, four of them decided to take a break from their preparations and to compete in Grand Prix London. Naturally, we wanted to pick their brains with a variety of questions regarding Standard and the upcoming tournament.

First, we asked them whether they considered Blue-Red Sphinx's Tutelage to be a "real deck." Had they adapted their own deck with this threat in mind?

Martin Müller

2014 World Magic Cup champion Martin Müller: "It just won a Grand Prix, so of course it's a real deck. But it loses a lot when people know more about it and put cards in their sideboard against it. I think more people should be playing Annul." [Müller was running two in his sideboard.]

Martin Dang

Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir champion Martin Dang: "The deck caught everyone by surprise. It's very explosive with the right draws. Tough to play once people know what's going on and have cards to answer it though. I have two Reclamation Sage and four Unravel the Æther in the sideboard, which is also good against Hangarback Walker."

Brad Nelson

2010 Player of the Year Brad Nelson: "It has to be. It was the breakout Grand Prix of Kibler's green-white deck featuring a ton of Dromoka's Command and Unravel the Æther. The mill deck dropped one round against that. As much as pros don't like decks that seem gimmicky, you have to take into account numbers like that. Has to be countered with dedicated hate and aggression. I like to take in a whole format before choosing a deck and in the end I went with Green-Red Dragons as a homage to Steve Rubin's Grand Prix Providence Top 8 deck. It's an aggressive Dragons deck with Draconic Roar and Goblin Rabblemaster. The aim is to get as many Dragons into play as I can before they mill me."

Ondřej Stráský

Platinum pro Ondřej Stráský: "I just played against it [in Round 6]. Standard overall is over-metagamed. The deck might just work if people aren't running the obvious cards like Thoughtseize and Dromoka's Command. It's certainly interesting. A completely normal real deck. As for what I'm doing against it: I'm already playing four Dromoka's Commands. They're good against Mono-Red, good against Thopters. I didn't want to play Unravel the Æther, but ended up playing one. I was glad to see the mill deck win the Grand Prix as I was already on Abzan Aggro and it's good to have more good matchups."

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