Quick Questions #3

Posted in GRAND PRIX LONDON 2015 on August 16, 2015

By Craig Jones

Later this month, 24 of the best Magic players of our time will gather in Seattle for the 2015 World Championship. This weekend, four of them took a break from their testing to compete in Grand Prix London. Naturally, we wanted to pick their brains with a variety of questions regarding Standard and the upcoming tournament.

Our final question: What preparations have you made for the upcoming World Championships and who are you testing with? Which format are you most looking forward to and which one are you dreading?

Martin Müller

2014 World Magic Cup champion Martin Müller: "I'll be testing with Magnus [Lantto], Martin [Dang], and Joel [Larsson] and looking at what does well on Magic Online. Limited is my worst format. I'm with both Constructed formats if we come up with good decks."

Martin Dang

Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir champion Martin Dang: "A lot of Magic Online, but mainly for Constructed rather than Draft. We [Dang, Martin Müller, Joel Larsson, and Magnus Lantto] will be meeting up Tuesday to grind out Modern and Standard. I've already played a lot of Modern Masters drafts. Might get one draft in. Talking through the draft options is more important than playing the draft."

Brad Nelson

2010 Player of the Year Brad Nelson: "Testing with my PT testing team: Ari Lax, Steve Rubin, and Seth Manfield. Plan is to get into Seattle early to test. Preparing on Magic Online. Most excited about Standard. There's the most information and if you work hard you can get ahead of everyone else."

Ondřej Stráský

Platinum pro Ondřej Stráský: "

I'm testing with PV [Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa] and Thiago Saporito."

How did that came about?

"Thiago beat him me in the Top 8 of the Pro Tour in Hawaii. We played again in Vancouver. He messaged me to ask if I wanted to test with him. Originally it was him and Antonio [Del Moral León]. Then PV and Shahar [Shenhar] asked. Antonio and Shahar later backed out. We're going to test online. Also follow the WMCQs in Brazil and the Czech Republic. I'm going to concentrate on Standard and Modern. Maybe two or three drafts to get re-familiarized with the cards. I feel good about Limited, which probably means I'll go 1-5. My least favorite is Modern for sure. I think that's the same for everyone. I like the current Standard format. It changes every weekend."