Quick Question: Crazy Cards, Stunning Stories?

Posted in GRAND PRIX LONDON 2016 on October 9, 2016

By Tobi Henke

For a little fun, we asked around for cool stories about some of the more creative cards doing something spectacular in Limited. Did anyone see Aetherflux Reservoir in action, have a massive Electrostatic Pummeler do a bit of pummeling, or go deep with Madcap Experiment or Dubious Challenge?

Hall of Famer Bram Snepvangers: I try not to play these cards. I guess, Dubious Challenge might work if you have a lot of bounce ...

Pro Tour Prague 2006 quarterfinalist Quentin Martin: I hope I get the chance! I've always loved making some wacky, underrated rare work. Like when you used to get Mindmoil as a fifteenth pick. In this format, so far, the best I've done was to draw my own Chief of the Foundry, steal my opponent's with Confiscation Coup, and copy both with Saheeli's Artistry ...

2016 World Championship finalist Márcio Carvalho: Doesn't involve any weird card, but my first loss [yesterday] was against turn one Mana Vault, turn two Verdurous Gearhulk. How do you beat an 8/8 with trample on turn two?

Grand Prix Rimini 2016 champion: Arne Huschenbeth: I once lost against a Draft deck with two Panharmonicons, three Cloudblazers, two Visionary Augmenters, Angel of Invention, and Wispweaver Angel. I am not making this up.

24-time Grand Prix Top 8er Martin Jůza: I was gonna build an Aetherworks Marvel deck in Sealed! I had so many great enablers and cross synergies, but my pool simply had nothing big to marvel into. The largest creature was a 4/5. If I'd had anything, any Gearhulk basically or better yet Metalwork Colossus, my deck would have looked something like this: