Quick Question: Splashing or No Splashing

Posted in Event Coverage on October 9, 2016

By Tobi Henke

As always with a new Limited format, in the early days, you get some wildly differing opinions with regards even to the basics. In Kaladesh Limited, some people are trying to avoid mana trouble at all costs, while others like to be quite liberal with splashes. We collected some of these opinions …


2016 World Championship finalist Márcio Carvalho: It depends. If I got Prophetic Prism, I'll splash a Cloudblazer or Welding Sparks. In a green deck, with Wild Wanderer and Attune with Aether, anything is possible.

Hall of Famer Bram Snepvangers: Obviously, it depends on the deck. If possible, I usually splash something.

Pro Tour Prague 2006 quarterfinalist Quentin Martin: In Sealed Deck, pools are deep enough and the format is so aggressive. I wouldn't splash if I could help it.

24-time Grand Prix Top 8er Martin Jůza: Absolutely splashing. I mean, if you can afford it. But splashing's often worth it. Usually, you need to be green, but any deck can do it with Prophetic Prism/Aether Hub. I like that R&D made it so that you can't splash Gearhulks though!

Grand Prix Rimini 2016 champion: Arne Huschenbeth: Splashing, yes definitely. There are so many super strong uncommons like Restoration Gearsmith or Cloudblazer. Plus, the format isn't super aggressive.

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