Setting the Scene: Saturday at Grand Prix Louisville

Posted in Event Coverage on January 7, 2017

By Corbin Hosler

2017 has arrived, and with it a trip to Louisville and back to Magic's roots. Legacy is the name of the game this weekend, and more than 1,600 players turned out to cast some of the most powerful spells from Magic's history.

Of course, Legacy is more than just a bunch of old cards. New additions — including Leovold, Emissary of Trest and Recruiter of the Guard — are expected to shake up the format, and Leovold especially is expected to be a major force. Add in a handful of the game's top players competing this weekend, and you have a recipe for an outstanding Legacy event.

Here are a few of the stories we're following this weekend.

Brainstorms Beware

The most intimidating new advisor on the block, Leovold has been the talk of the format heading into Louisville. A Brainstorm-killing ability tacked onto a card-drawing ability, all for the cost of three mana and a decent body to boot, Leovold has a lot going for it.

Of course, it's not the only time a card has been hyped leading into a Legacy tournament, which means as Louisville begins that it's an open question as to just how strong Leovold will be. Role player? No-play(er)? Format staple?

We'll know by the end of the weekend.

Still on Top?

Before everyone was talking about Leovold, they were still busy rehashing Sensei's Divining Top, and more broadly Miracles. The Top-Terminus-Counterbalance-Entreat the Angels control deck has been considered the top dog in Legacy for a while, and while it's far from unbeatable every player in the room knows the pain of suffering under a Top-Counterbalance lock while they wait helplessly for an opponent to unleash an army of angels or slow tick up a Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

But Legacy is a format with too many powerful cards to be locked out by one deck forever. Will Top reign supreme this weekend, or will an influx of new cards and adapted strategies put down the Miracle?

Masters at Work

Joe Lossett is widely viewed as the authority on Miracles – can he repeat his Top 8 performance from Grand Prix Columbus?

Legacy is a format unlike any other. Players competing this weekend will routinely be seen casting the same cards they casted 15 or 20 years ago. The format is truly a display of Magic's history, and – while new cards like Leovold or Recruiter of the Guard can certainly make an impact — players can play the same deck for a long time.

That leads to some true masters of their craft. Whether it's Jarvis Yu with Lands or Joe Lossett with Miracles — both members of the Top 8 at the last North American Legacy Grand Prix — Louisville is an opportunity to watch the best in the world do what they do best.

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