9-16 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on June 16, 2017

By Event Coverage Staff

Below are the 9-16 decklists from the Legacy portion of Grand Prix Vegas, encompassing six different archetypes across eight decks.

Jarvis Yu's Lands – GP Vegas Legacy, 9th

Andrew Boswell's Sneak and Show - GP Vegas Legacy, 10th

Pierre Dagen's Grixis Pyromancer - GP Vegas Legacy, 11th

Michael Bernat's White-Blue Control - GP Vegas Legacy, 12th

David Doberne's 4-Color Deathblade — GP Vegas Legacy, 13th

Mitchell Nguyen's White-Blue Control - GP Vegas Legacy, 14th

Ryan Schumacher's Grixis Delver - GP Vegas Legacy, 15th

Lincoln Baxter Iii's Sultai Control - GP Vegas Legacy, 16th

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