Nicol Bolas Brings Devastation to Vegas

Posted in Event Coverage on June 16, 2017

By Meghan Wolff

Meghan is one half of the Good Luck High Five podcast and an adjunct professor at Tolarian Community College. She loves Limited, likes Modern, and dips her toes into each Standard season. She's decidedly blue and is the #1 hater of Siege Rhino in the Multiverse.

Excited spectators filled the bleachers and pressed against the barriers marking the arena's edge. The giant battlefield was empty and the giant decks, each card half a man or woman's height, were ready and waiting for the game ahead. The minds of mere mortals could not dare to guess the God-Pharaoh's motives for gathering them here, but they might wonder and they might wish to know his mind.

To the right of the stage sat a sand sculpture featuring an elaborately carved sarcophagus, a tribute to the God-Pharaoh and his work, or a warning to those who might oppose him. Those who dare to stand against the God-Pharaoh are rare, and their arrival must be an ill omen for Amonkhet.

Matt Tabak, who will henceforth be known only as "Herald of the God-Pharaoh" welcomed the crowd and called the Gatewatch, represented by two brave Community Managers and four courageous but doomed volunteers, into the arena.

Could such challengers dare to stand against the might of Bolas? For Bolas is fearsome, and neither his will nor his might shall be questioned. Only the God-Pharaoh himself can reprimand such boldness, and so Bolas appeared, to swat such foolish people like so many irksome flies.

The competitors took the field, and while the Gatewatch were allowed to roll to determine who would strike first, even chance bends its willful ways to Bolas's wants, and so the die roll, and the first turn, went to him. On each side, seven mighty cards were drawn, and The Herald of the God-Pharaoh announced the beginning of the deadly game.

The game began, as such games so often do, with lands. Bolas demanded that the people were pleased with his creations, and they greeted each with the applause due to all the God-Pharaoh's work. Marvel at his Swamps! Gaze in awe at his Plains! Each is a work of beauty of which we are not worthy.

The Gatewatch played lands too, and while perhaps the Gatewatch revealed these new creations to you, never forget that it was Bolas who molded these wonders.

The crowd chanted and cheered for the God-Pharaoh as one by one his many marvelous works were revealed to them. Glorious lands! Wonderful creatures! Marvelous spells!

But wait! A moment of discord! Samut, the Tested threw her weight behind the Gatewatch's efforts. They pressed their advantage, dealing damage to the God-Pharaoh as though he were less than Nicol Bolas, who will suffer no such insults.

When the Gatewatch threatened to turn Bolas's work against him, the God-Pharaoh reminded us that all can be swept away if he so wishes it. Perhaps Bolas orchestrated this near defeat only to remind us that his weaknesses are really his strengths, and our strengths are his strengths as well.

The Gatewatch stood only so long as Bolas allowed them to stand. When the God-Pharaoh wished to play no more, he showed the adoring crowd that the Gatewatch was no more than another failed challenger of the indomitable Nicol Bolas.

The Herald of the God-Pharaoh greeted the victorious Nicol Bolas, heaping upon the mighty Planeswalker praise as effusive of the God-Pharaoh's merits as it was beneath his accomplishments. Bolas, however, had yet more to show.

He strode over to the sarcophagus of sand. His minions took the rope, but they had not the strength to topple the monument. The rope snapped in Bolas's strong hands, and so they tore at it with their hands in fervent pursuit of more of the God-Pharaoh's works. Yes, the God-Pharaoh had one last great revelation for us all.

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