Grand Prix Las Vegas (Modern) - 17-32 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on June 17, 2018

By Corbin Hosler

The community has spoken and we've stretched to make it happen – enjoy the 17-32 decklists from the Modern portion of Grand Prix Las Vegas!

Thiago Saporito's Mardu Pyromancer, 17th

Matt Stankey's Hollow One, 18th

Eli Loveman's Humans, 19th

Rob Pisano's Humans, 20th

Zac Elsik's Krark-Clan Combo, 21st

Travis De Silva's Thopter-Sword, 22nd

Paul Cuillier's Hollow One, 23rd

Tomoharu Saito's Humans, 24th

Gerry Thompson's Mardu Pyromancer, 25th

Shaheen Soorani's Krark-Clan Combo, 26th

Ammi Obejas' Humans, 27th

Jeffery Chen's Tron, 28th

Dustin Gault's Esper Gifts, 29th

David Napolitano's Humans, 30th