Finals: Damien Bouillot vs. Christian Seibold

Posted in GRAND PRIX LYON 2015 on November 1, 2015

By Frank Karsten

This finals pitted Silver level pro Christian Seibold from Germany, who was in his fourth Grand Prix Top 8, against Damien Bouillot, a 29-year old software developer hailing from Lyon, the same city where this Grand Prix was held.

So far, Seibold steamrolled through the Top 8 with his white-blue fliers deck, as he was the first player to win his quarterfinals and the first to win his semifinals. Although his deck could play a long game with Planar Outburst, his deck was also able to curve out with Kor Castigator into Shadow Glider, Courier Griffin, and Ghostly Sentinel. That's essentially just a bunch of commons, but they can wreck havoc upon any opponent who is not prepared for fliers.

Bouillot drafted a blue-black ingest deck which several ways to exile his opponent's cards along with Murk Strider, Oracle of Dust, Mind Raker, and Wasteland Strangler to process them. Moreover, if the game would go long, his deck would have a trump in Ob Nixilis Reignited.

The Games

Seibold, as the player with the higher ranking in the Swiss, got to be on the play, but he didn't have a fast start. As revealed by Bouillot's Transgress the Mind, Seibold had a land-heavy draw with, after Windrider Patrol was exiled by the discard spell, only Incubator Drone and Ghostly Sentinel as castable spells.

Christian Seibold

Bouillot didn't have a particularly fast draw either, and the game bogged down to a grindy affair with lots of trades in combat, one-for-one removal spells, and a lack of ways to break through.

At one point, it looked like Seibold was getting the upper hand after he played Encircling Fissure followed by Roil Spout, which gave him a temporary advantage in combat along with a 6/6 land, but Bouillot's trump was better. Ob Nixilis came down, destroyed the 6/6, and eventually conquered the game.

The planeswalker ticked up and up, and Seibold had no good way to attack Damien's Demon. Resigned to his fate, Seibold started to write down the cards that he had seen from Bouillot so far (to have better information for the remaining games). A few turns later, as the card advantage generated by Ob Nixilis became overwhelming, Seibold conceded.

Damien Bouillot 1 – Christian Seibold 0

The second game was nothing like the first, as Seibold played a Kor Castigator on turn two and another on turn three. Due to that pair of 3/1s, Bouillot quickly fell down to 14 life before he stabilized with decently-sized blockers, but Seibold was unable to press his early advantage. He lacked an Island or any fourth land for that matter, and he could only look on as Bouillot cast Ob Nixilis Reignited on turn five.

Damien Bouillot

The Planeswalker first destroyed one of the remaining Kor Castigators. Then it started ticking up to provide Bouillot with a steady stream of cards. And Seibold still hadn't found an Island. The extra cards quickly overwhelmed the color-screwed Seibold, and although he eventually attempted to claw back with Planar Outburst, it was already too late.

Indeed, Ob Nixilis went ultimate, which meant that Seibold would lose 2 life in any player's draw step. On an empty board, with no way out, Seibold extended his hand in defeat.

Damien Bouillot 2 – Christian Seibold 0

The resulting applause from the crowd left no doubt: The hometown hero from Lyon had done it: Damien Bouillot is your Grand Prix Lyon champion!