Quick Question #1: Your Favorite Archetype or Color Combination?

Posted in GRAND PRIX LYON 2015 on October 31, 2015

By Frank Karsten

There are ten two-color combinations in Battle for Zendikar Limited—well, in any Limited format, really—and I asked some of the pros in attendance here today what their favorite was and whether their preference had changed since the format's debut a few weeks ago.

No. 13 Ondřej Stráský: "In Sealed, the best deck is green ramp with Eldrazi—Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is the best card in Sealed. In draft, the blue-black, black-red, and blue-red ingest and/or devoid decks are the best, and green sucks."

Hall of Famer Olivier Ruel, whose brother Antoine is having his birthday today: "Before the Pro Tour, I was fixed on playing a blue-green deck splashing whatever I could. I like Seek the Wilds, Anticipate, Lifespring Druid, and other cards that no one seems to pick. Now, my favorite archetype is still the same four-color green deck. I also like the green-black-white deck with Allies, life gain, and tokens, but a lot has to go right for you to assemble it."

Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar 6-0 drafter Don van Ravenzwaaij: "The blue-red devoid deck is still really good. An archetype that I like a lot better than other players is the green-black sacrifice deck with Blisterpod, Voracious Null, Rot Shambler, and so on. Because a lot of pros really dislike green, this archetype is still a little under the radar."

Grand Prix Madison champion Raphaël Lévy: "Blue-black devoid/ingest with Swarm Surge. It's only about commons, and your deck is built around a common, Swarm Surge, that can change the course of the game."

Pro Tour Magic Origins champion Joel Larsson: "In Sealed, I like three archetypes: blue-white because fliers and awaken spells are very good in Sealed where the games go longer; blue-black because it's the best deck for the Eldrazi, even if it's difficult to get enough synergistic cards, and any pool with Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. If you open that card, you should build around it. In Sealed, it's as absurd as Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, Quarantine Field, and Planar Outburst. In draft, it's tougher. I like blue-white, blue-black, and I think I like green more than others. It's heavily underdrafted, and if you are the only green player at the table, you will get a great deck. I felt that way before the Pro Tour, and I feel more strongly about it now. One thing that may have changed is that a couple of weeks ago, I thought that it was very tough to draft aggro decks, but I learned that if you don't focus on drafting a curve with lots of 2-drops, but focus on synergies such as landfall instead, then aggro decks can work."