Quick Question #3: Your Favorite Two-Card Combo in This Format?

Posted in GRAND PRIX LYON 2015 on November 1, 2015

By Frank Karsten

In Battle for Zendikar Limited, a focus on synergy can be very important. I asked some of the pros in attendance this weekend for their favorite two-card “combo” with common or uncommon cards.

Most of their answers were relevant for the black-white lifegain deck. Out of all archetypes in the format, that color combination may have the highest power-level ceiling. When walking around the deck construction tables after the first draft, I noticed that the best-looking decks were indeed the white-black ones, most likely from players who managed to monopolize those cards in their draft.

No. 13 Ondřej Stráský: "Retreat to Hagra and Kalastria Nightwatch. Got crushed by that on Magic Online two times already."

Pro Tour Magic Origins champion Joel Larsson:" "Stone Haven Medic and Kalastria Nightwatch. It's a pretty nice combo that you can pick up as 8th or 9th pick cards, but they are really good in the black-white deck."

Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar 6-0 drafter Don van Ravenzwaaij: "One draft I was able to get Bane of Bala Ged and Adverse Conditions. It was pretty filthy to keep exiling my opponent's permanents unopposed."

Grand Prix Madison champion Raphaël Lévy: "Tajuru Warcaller and Unified Front. It's good whether you play Unified Front first or last."

Gold-level pro Robin Dolar:" "Kalastria Healer and Retreat to Emeria. It gives you a steady stream of drain triggers."

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