Posted in GRAND PRIX MADRID 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on November 15, 2014

By Oliver Gehrmann

While there are always plenty of reasons to make the trip to a Grand Prix, Wizards Spain decided to add yet another item to the already impressive list of interesting things to do this weekend.

One wall at Grand Prix Madrid has been decorated with banners of the 5 clans that were introduced in Khans of Tarkir. In front of the wall, there's a photographer ready to take your picture so you can officially represent your clan. Not only will you walk away with a professionally taken photograph of your likeliness in front of a very cool background, you will also enroll in a trivia where you can win additional prizes!

To do so, all you have to do is tag yourself in the photo that will be uploaded to the Facebook page of Magic in Spain so all of your friends can see which clan you're rooting for.

This is the new Photo Area at Grand Prix Madrid.

Spread throughout the venue, there are a number of signs that point players in the right direction so they can make good use of the new feature. While the concept of Khans of Tarkir with the focus on wedges had already proven to be very popular with players when the set was first announced, this way of highlighting the clans has elevated the players' fascination with it to a whole new level.

Looking over the photos, it appeared like the Jeskai Way turned out to be the most popular of all the clans. Not that surprising when you consider the popularity of The Jeskai Revealed, a card that took the Modern metagame by storm.

It was hard to tell which clan was coming in second; both the Mardu Horde as well as the Abzan Houses have been represented quite often. Marijn Lybaert was probably the most famous banner-bearer of the Abzan Houses, so either family is very important to him or he simply prefers the controlish style of the cards that resemble the clan.

Marijn Lybaert was rooting for the family-friendly Abzan Houses!

Interestingly enough, few players went with their gut and most thought a little before making their decision which clan to represent. Since the Mardu Horde is one of the main opponents of the Abzan Houses, we might later see the rivalry between the clans on the tournament floor rather than in the photo area, so all of this could turn into yet another story.

We will definitely keep you posted and continue to bring you all the action from Grand Prix Madrid, so make sure to check back regularly and also update the Facebook page of Magic Spain to find a few more photos of some of your friends that are representing their respective clans here this weekend.