Posted in GRAND PRIX MADRID 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on November 16, 2014

By Tobi Henke

220 players finishing Day 2 with seven or more wins means 220 players returned today means we went through 220 decklists to get the full story on this Grand Prix's Modern metagame. And it's an interesting story to be sure, from Jeskai Ascendancy descending into obsolescence to the rise of Delver of Secrets to the very pinnacle of the format.

But there's more to Modern. In fact, looking at the final tally of decks, it appears as if the influence of Khans of Tarkir wasn't that big after all. We still see a lot of midrange decks based in black and green, we still have a lot of Merfolk which doesn't use any delve cards, Affinity and Tron are still doing well, and even some of the blue-white-red decks, while using a lot of the same cards as Blue-Red Delver, still eschew Delver of Secrets itself.

Deck: Number:
U/x/y Delver of Secrets* 37
B/G/x Rock** 23
Scapeshift 22
Affinity 22
Birthing Pod 20
Burn 19
Jeskai No-Delver 13
Splinter Twin 11
Merfolk 9
Slippery Bogles 8
Tron 6
Jeskai Ascendancy 4
G/W Hatebears 4
Martyr of Sands 4
Zoo 3
R/G Aggro 2
Through the Breach 2
Ad Nauseam 2
Others: 9
Total: 220

* Of the 37 Delver decks, all similar in strategy, 24 were simply blue-red. Five added green for Temur, five added white for Jeskai. Two were blue-white-green and one was blue-black-green, also known as Sultai.

** Among the 23 Rock decks, 15 were Abzan, four were Jund, and four were straight-up two-colored black-green.