Posted in GRAND PRIX MADRID 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on November 15, 2014

By Tobi Henke

Who exactly counts as being a pro player? For the purposes of this exercise, we have decided to count all players who have made it to Platinum in the Pro Players Club, everybody that has reached Gold, and all the Hall of Famers. Or, put differently, all the players who had three byes at this tournament.

That is quite the select group: (2) Jérémy Dezani, (5) Ivan Floch, Patrick Dickmann, Matej Zatlkaj, Pierre Dagen, Martin Jůza, Fabrizio Anteri, Timothée Simonot, and Frank Karsten.

So what are these guys playing? What decks did they chose to do battle at Grand Prix Madrid? Well, we're not going to spoil their fun by listing everyone's deck choice. At least not yet. But what we can give you is the following metagame breakdown:

Slippery Bogles 2
Affinity 2
Delver of Secrets 1
Burn 1
Birthing Pod 1
Scapeshift 1
Splinter Twin 1

Two things to note here: One, in what's beginning to be a recurring theme this weekend, there simply is no Jeskai Ascendancy. Two, the format appears to be wide open. While many of the pros considered the new Treasure Cruise-powered Delver of Secrets the deck to beat, not many of them chose to run it themselves. Instead, Dig Through Time even breathed new life into old favorites like Splinter Twin and Scapeshift.

Check back tomorrow, when we'll have everyone's full decklist for you!