Day 1 Top 100 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on December 4, 2016

By Frank Karsten

As many as 441 players had made Day 2. Because finding a single decklist in the big pile of all 1,456 lists which had entered the tournament takes almost a minute each, we had to settle, as usual, for a breakdown of the Top 100 players at the end of Day 1. At Grand Prix Madrid, this top-table metagame looked like this:

Archetype Number of players
White-Blue Flash 28
Black-Green Delirium 22
Red-Green Aetherworks Marvel 20
Mardu Vehicles 12
Black-Red Aggro 4
Blue-Red Control 2
Bant Midrange 1
Black-Green Aggro Delirium 1
Black-Green Aetherworks Marvel 1
Green-Black Zombies 1
Grixis Control 1
Grixis Emerge 1
Jund Aggro 1
Mardu Fabricate 1
Black-Red Zombies 1
Blue-Red Metalwork Colossus 1
Red-White Midrange 1
White Weenie Humans 1

White-Blue Flash and Black-Green Delirium form exactly 50% of the metagame at the top tables. Red-Green Aetherworks Marvel and Mardu Vehicles claim the next 32%. All of this is roughly in line with the metagame analysis, matchup matrix, and equilibria that I provided in my "Setting the Stage" piece earlier on Saturday, so there are no big surprises here.

For these "Big Four", the following things stood out to me after glancing over the Top 100 decklists.

Beyond the "Big Four", there are plenty of alternative deck choices available. Out of the ones that are new and that we weren't already featuring in a Deck Tech piece on the Grand Prix Madrid coverage page, I was most impressed with the following two brews.

Valentin Roman's Jund Aggro – Grand Prix Madrid 2016

Download Arena Decklist

Ari Faggin's White-Black Fabricate – Grand Prix Madrid 2016

Download Arena Decklist

Although Standard is still dominated by the "Big Four", these lists showcase the potential depth of Standard if creative deck builders are brave enough to dive in and explore.

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