Deck Tech: Wescoe's White Weenies with Przemek Knocinski

Posted in Event Coverage on December 3, 2016

By Tobi Henke

I had spoken with Poland's Przemek Knocinski just last week at a big tournament in the Czech Republic. There, he voiced his dissatisfaction with many of the current Standard's top decks. He was looking for something more aggressive.

"I tried Black-Red Aggro, I looked at various versions of the black-red Zombie deck, I even tried Mono-Red Aggro. Nothing worked," said Knocisnki, who had famously won the Modern Grand Prix in Copenhagen last year, beating down with Merfolk. "A good Magic deck for me is when you have a land and a creature on the first turn."

When I first talked to him this weekend, Knocinski was all smiles ... and 4-0. "I found my deck: White Weenie!"

Thanks go to the master of white beatdown decks, Craig Wescoe, who had published an article two weeks ago about "The Fastest Deck in Standard." With twenty 1-drops this was indeed the perfect deck for Knocinski, and possibly a generally good choice for today's metagame at that.

"I think it's very good right now," said Knocinski. "Probably just for this tournament because no one expects such a rush strategy at the moment. The metagame doesn't shift as fast in real life as it does on Magic Online. It's definitely a meta call."

The list is available online, so you might as well have a look:

Craig Wescoe's Mono-White Humans, as played by Przemek Knocinski

Download Arena Decklist

"I'm playing the exact same list," Knocinski admitted. "Although I'm not sure about the Shambling Vents to be honest. The deck only has eighteen lands, and having four of them enter the battlefield tapped means you're losing so much tempo. The only black card you're using is Scrapheap Scrounger anyway. I'm strongly considering just going with four Plains instead."

Knocinski mentioned that, with this deck, he was actually hoping to face one of the big three, White-Blue Flash, Black-Green Delirium, and Aetherworks Marvel, every single round. "I was only playing against those decks; I wasn't trying to beat anything else. White-Blue is a kind of deck that, if they draw and play everything on curve, they'll win. But otherwise they don't. I beat two of those already, 2-0, 2-0. Black-Green Delirium and Marvel are good matchups too.

"Vehicles, on the other hand, can be tough. You have to win the die roll and after sideboarding you have Selfless Spirit. But the card that you win this matchup with is Stern Constable. It's just such a huge tempo boost. If you also have Always Watching, this card is doing everything."

Knocinski proceeded to lose a match to one of those White-Blue players who really did have everything. But after that, he came by the coverage desk every round to report another win, with his smile getting wider and wider. "7-1 now, one more to go. The deck is awesome!"

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