Bonus Decklists: Tied for Fourth Place

Posted in Event Coverage on December 10, 2017

By Tobi Henke

It was clear that the trio of Marius Heuser, Christian Hauck, and Xiaoliang Yang would have the best tie breakers, what with their 10-0 start into the tournament. So when these three entered the Top 4 as the only team with a score of 11-2-1, no one could complain, not with real conviction anyway.

However, it should be mentioned that two other teams did manage to go 11-2-1 as well: champion of Grand Prix Paris 2015 Amand Dosimont and his mates, and the team-up of Thoralf Severin, Jasper Grimmer, and Oliver Rausch, who had five previous Grand Prix Top 8s on their combined record.

You can find these two teams' decklists below. Enjoy! Special recommendation to check out Julien Berteaux's White-Black ... Zombies? Undead?

Amand Dosimont's Collected Company (Team 5, Seat A)

Benoit Lebrun's Affinity (Team 5, Seat B)

Julien Berteaux's Zombies (Team 5, Seat C)

Thoralf Severin's W/U Control (Team 6, Seat A)

Jasper Grimmer's Collected Company (Team 6, Seat B)

Oliver Rausch's Urzatron (Team 6, Seat C)

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