5th–16th Decklists of Grand Prix Madrid 2018

Posted in Event Coverage on March 11, 2018

By Tobi Henke

Sixteen teams finished the Swiss rounds of Grand Prix Madrid 2018 with a record of 10-4 or better. We already published the Top 4 decklists, and here are all the others. Enjoy!

Andrea Mengucci's Grixis Energy – 5th

Christian Calcano's Jund – 5th

Javier Dominguez's BUG Delver – 5th

Tristan Pölzl's Sultai Constrictor – 6th

Remi Vignane's Red-Green Eldrazi – 6th

Vladimir Arneuve's Turbo Depths – 6th

Arne Huschenbeth's Blue-Black Control – 7th

Thoralf Severin's Mono-Green Tron – 7th

Jasper Grimmer's Stoneblade – 7th

Marco Maiocco's Esper Gifts – 8th

Davide Cappiello's Red-Black Hollow One – 8th

Alessandro Manzini's Threshold – 8th

Pedro Lechado Artigues's Blue-Black Control – 9th

Miguel Castro's Mono-White Hatebears & Eldrazi – 9th

Creature (29)
4 Thraben Inspector 4