Grand Prix Malmo is over.

Outside it's been a hot sunny day in Sweden, but inside players got to feel the chill as Coldsnap debuted on the Grand Prix circuit for the first time. But first the 534 players had to navigate a day of Ravnica Sealed deck. Day one was not without incident, with the biggest news provided by the shock disqualification of top European pro Olivier Ruel.

64 players returned today for the ripple fuelled craziness that is Coldsnap draft. Stories abounded of Thrumming Stones and 9 Disciples of Tevesh Szat, or a first-striking army of 9 Surging Sentinels appearing on turn 3.

In the end the Dutchies were dominant as the Netherlands put 4 players - Wessel Oomens, Kamiel Cornelissen, Jelger Wiegersma and Wilco Pinkster - into a very experienced top 8 that also included Worlds top 8'er André Coimbra and PT top 8'er Vasilis Fatouros. Scandinavia was also represented by amateurs Asbjørn Fallesen of Denmark and Axel Berglund of the host nation.

In the end it came down to a clash of swamps between Vasilis Fatouros and Wessel Oomens. Fatouros was running Mountains for a removal suite that included 4 Surging Flames while Oomens had blue for a collection of Krovikan Mist. In Game 1 Fatouros's draw was too powerful, but Oomens was able to level the match through the aid of a Tresserhorn Skyknight that just wouldn't stay dead (or undead). Game 3 the Dutchman managed to overcome a double mulligan to claim his first Grand Prix title through the aid of his evasion monsters and removal.

Congratulations to Wessel Oomens, champion of Grand Prix Malmo!

top 8 bracket


Wilco Pinkster (NLD)

Jelger Wiegersma (NLD)

André Coimbra (PRT)

Vasislis Fatousos (GRC)

Axel Berglund (SWE)

Asbjorn Fallesen (DNK)

Wessel Oomens (NLD)

Kamiel Cornelissen (NLD)


Wilco Pinkster, 2-1

Vasislis Fatousos, 2-1

Axel Berglund, 2-0

Wessel Oomens, 2-0


Vasislis Fatousos, 2-1

Wessel Oomens, 2-1


Wessel Oomens, 2-1


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1. Wessel Oomens $2,400
2. Vasilis Fatouros $1,700
3. Wilco Pinkster $1,200
4. Axel Berglund $1,000
5. Jelger Wiegersma $800
6. Kamiel Cornelissen $800
7. André Coimbra $800
8. Asbjørn Fallesen $800

pairings, results, standings


14 13 12 11 10 9

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


14 13 12 11 10 9

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


14 13 12 11 10 9

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Sunday, July 23: 6:20 p.m. - Top 8 Draft - Jelger Wiegersma

Jelger opted for the snow strategy, drafting as many snow lands and Into the North he could. Unfortunately, it didn't pay off so well as his deck is lacking power cards and real ways to take advantage of his Snow mana base. Only 2 Rimewind Taskmages and a single Chilling Shade which go well with the icy lands.

However, he drafted 4 Into the North, which would allow him to reach his 5th and 6th mana faster and thus play one of his two Adarkar Windform and Ronom Serpents a turn or two earlier. This boost of mana will also allow him to keep his 3 Survivors of the Unseen around so they can grant him more card advantage.

During the last pack, he picked a Frost Raptor over a Skred, as he needed ways to actually win the game, giving up a precious removal spell that his deck is lacking so much.

Overall, an average deck missing key cards but that can surprise his opponent with a fast Ronom Serpent or overwhelm him with the help of his Survivors.

He will be facing fellow Dutchman and GP Paris Winner Wilco Pinkster in the quarters. Let's wish him a lot of luck!

Sunday, July 23: 6:42 p.m. - Quarterfinals: Vasilis Fatouros vs André Coimbra

Vasilis Fatouros

Welcome to the Quarter-Finals of GP Malmo. As part of the new developments taking place on the Grand Prix circuit we had Rich Hagon of Mox Radio announce the top 8 in the manner of a Wrestling announcer complete with backing music. That gets the blood pumping anyway.

Or rather moving sluggishly, last night has started to catch up with me.

Anyway, so we have a rather classy quarter-final for your entertainment on this sultry Swedish evening. Vasilis Fatouros of Greece has been here before. He also has a Pro Tour top 8 to his name from Nagoya last year. André Coimbra is no stranger to this stage either. He made the quarter-finals of the World Championships last year.

Fatouros has a pretty nippy red black deck with four copies of Surging Flames. Coimbra is less confidant about his deck, a blue-white concoction. He also has four copies of Surging Sentinels so we can probably expect lots of ripple action.

Game 1 Fatouros shot out of the gates with Goblin Furrier and Krovikan Scoundrel. Coimbra tried to put a stop to it with Surging Sentinels. Fatouros had to hold his breath. With ripple you could be facing a lone 2/1 first striker or a complete army. On this occasion the ripple whiffed. Fatouros knocked it out of the way with Surging Flames and continued hitting.

His offence was finally stalled when Coimbra stole his Gristle Grinner with Krovikan Whispers. An Ursine Fylgia came into play as a veritable brick wall. Fatouros looked out of gas and the game looked to be sliding when a Diamond Faerie entered play. Fatouros still had only the Vandal and Furrier.

The Cumulative upkeep on the Whispers was starting to get dangerous. Coimbra had to let it go, losing 8 life in the process. Although the enchantment had stalled Fatouros's charge, it was inevitably Coimbra's downfall.

The damage left him at 2 life and when he tried to attack for the win with the Faerie and Frost Raptor he found Fatouros waiting for him with Surging Flames.

Fatouros 1-0 Coimbra.

After a quick pause to take pictures I came back to see the start of Game 2.

There was a Surging Sentinel in Coimbra's graveyard and nothing in Fatouros's. From what I can make out Fatouros tapped out to make a Zombie Musher. Coimbra attacked the Sentinels into it, representing some kid of trick. Fatouros didn't fall for the bluff.

From then on Fatouros made monsters while Coimbra didn't. Surging Flames mopped up the few remaining monsters and the Portuguese player was swiftly dumped out of the top 8.

Vasilis Fatouros beats André Coimbra 2-1.

Sunday, July 23: 7:07 p.m. - Quarterfinals: Jelger Wiegersma vs. Wilco Pinkster

Jelger Wiegersma

Both players kept their starting hands. Wilco made a Bull Auroch on turn two and fixed his mana on turn 3 in the form of a Coldsteel Heart. Jelger on his side fixed his thanks to Into the North, and destroyed the Mana Artifact with a main deck Mystic Melting.

On one side, Wilco built up his army, badly missing the 2nd red mana that was lost with the Heart to cast his Stalking Yeti, and kill Jelger's Rimewind Taskmage. A Survivor of the Unseen joined Jelger's defensive ranks. With his heavy mana draw, he was able to net 2 cards for some time.

Wilco finally hit his first mountains, to kill the Taskmage and therefore, unbalance the tide of the game.

On his turn, Jelger killed the Yeti thanks to a Mouth of Ronom, as that would become too big of a threat on the long run, and decided to not pay for the Survivor.

Magmatic Core

Wilco kept on playing threats. No cards in hand, but a board filled with good stuff: Karplusan Strider, Ohran Yeti, Thermopod and Magmatic Core against Jelger's second Taskmage, Rimebound Dead, and newly played Chilling Shade.

The latter gave Jelger some time to review his strategy. He had enough mana to keep it alive against Wilco's attackers, but he decided to send it in to deal his first damage.

Magmatic Core's 2 counters got rid of the Taskmage. With the shade going in for 3 or 4 every turn, Jelger missed about 3 attacks to take Wilco down as any of his creatures would survive the ever-growing Core.

A Void Maw joined Wilco's elite squad on the last turn, and it seemed that what Wilco had to do was wait until the core killed another one or two creatures, and swing with everything. But he decided to attack on the turn after, only one creature removed from the last turn. Jelger blocked with the remains of his team, and the blocks seemed to actually have Jelger come back into the game! Trading all of his guys for Wilco's guys. But Wilco saw the play, he sacrified one of his creatures to his Thermopod, pumping the Void Maw this way and allowing it to survive and deal trample damage. At that point, Jelger had no outs and scooped.

Wilco 1-0 Jelger

Wilco Pinkster

Jelger played first. His draw provided him a quick start with Boreal Centaur, a quickly active Rimewind Taskmage. Wilco missed his 4th land drop and was hindered on the next turn by Jelger's Taskmage ability, which denied him of his green mana source.

Jelger kept on playing monsters, while to Jelger, Wilco seemed battling for his green mana. In fact, Wilco was flooded as his deck served him 11 lands in this 8-turn game.

Wilco 1-1 Jelger

Wilco kept a hand with 5 lands, Into the North and a Bull Auroch. Jelger mulliganed his first hand and kept a one lander and a Into the North. His deck didn't provide him a second land in the first 3 turns. And so Wilco advanced to the Semis.

Wilco Pinkster beats Jelger Wiegersma 2-1.

Sunday, July 23: 7:21 p.m. - Quarterfinals: Wessel Oomens vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

Wessel Oomens

Wessel told me that he wanted to force white weenie again this draft, but his openings didn't allow that to happen. His first two picks were a pair of Zombie Mushers followed by a pair of Disciple of Tevesh Szat, and after that he picked up a couple of blue cards to make the base of a snowy blue/black deck control deck. He said that his biggest problem was that after six picks, he had pretty much decided on his colors, but five of his six cards were four drops.

He thought that Kamiel would probably play green, and was hoping to pick up some Chill to the Bone, but there weren't any available to him. He almost second-picked a Deathmark instead. His deck didn't look so good to him, as he'd got just some creatures and no real good spells.

The highlight of his deck is his Garza's Assassin which he got 5th pick in the third pack, combined with Grim Harvest it should give Kamiel a hard time, but overall, his deck doesn't seem too good.

Kamiel, on the opposite end of the table, had indeed drafted a green deck as he opened one of the best cards in the set: Resize. After that, he picked up Sound the Call from a weak booster, keeping in mind that the copy he just opened in his own booster would come back round the table, which it did. He tried to keep his options open by picking just green cards in pack one, and picked up two copies of Surging Might along the way.

Garza's Assassin

In his second booster, he got passed Adarkar Valkyrie, which immediately indicated that white should be his second color. He picked up some more Surging Might and Sound the Call, but the really good green monsters, Simian Brawler and Ronom Hulk, were not to be seen.

The result is a very fast green/white deck without any four or five-drops, but he's got five copies of Surging Might to make his cheaper guys a lot more impressive, and Shape of the Wiitigo, Thrumming Stone and Adarkar Valkyrie for the late-game. He said that he's confidant in his deck, as long as Wessel doesn't have too many cheap spot removals like Gelid Shackles to nullify his creature enchantments.

Game 1

Wessel played first and kept his hand, while Kamiel started the game with only six cards. He had a fast start though with Boreal Druid, Sound the Call, Bull Aurochs and Ronom Unicorn on his first three turns, while Wessel had Krovikan Mist, Gutless Ghoul and Garza's Assasin.

Garza's Assasin looked to hold off Kamiel's entire offense, but Kamiel emptied his hand with Gelid Shackles for the Gutless Ghoul, followed by Surging Might on Bull Aurochs, which flipped over two more copies of Surging Might, and Kamiel's creatures would no longer die in combat if they were blocked by the Assasin, so Kamiel snet the team in. Wessel blocked the Unicorn and destroyed the Bull Aurochs, while dropping to a still safe 17 life, but he needed some more gas because the board was now Krovikan Mists for Wessel while K\amiel had a 5/5 Ronom Unicorn, 3/3 Boreal Druid and a 2/2 Sound the Call token.

He pondered his next move, and decided to Grim Harvest back the Gutless Ghoul and replay it, leaving no mana untapped. The Ghoul traded for the 2/2 token and Wessel got back his Garza's Assasin, dropping to five in the process. Ronom Serpent came down on his next turn, and it looked like he'd stabilized at five as Kamiel just played a land and passed the turn. Garza's Assasin came down again to ensure Wessel's defenses wouldn't break, and Krovikan Mist slowly started to peck away Kamiel's life total.

Kamiel was out of gas, but when Wessel found his seventh land, he played Tresserhorn Skyknight to put Kamiel on a more serious clock. Phobian Phantasm was found on the next turn, and Kamiel had to rely on his deck to get him out of the situation. Kamiel thought for a while before sending his Unicorn, Boreal Druid and a new Bull Aurochs in, and Wessel blocked with Ronom Serpent, Garza's Assasin and Phantasm respectively. He read it exactly for what it was: a desperation attack. Kamiel didn't draw his way out and we were on to the second game.

Game 2

Kamiel Cornelissen

Kamiel played first and lead with Boreal Centaur and tried to get big with Surging Might, but this time he didn't ripple up any additional copies. Wessel had a good start as well with a pair of Krovikan Mist, but Kamiel once again took the advantage with another Surging Might, and didn't find any more copies to back it up.

It was a tight race now; Wessel's flyings put Kamiel down to 14 and he played a possible solution to the 6/6 Boreal Centaur in Zombie Musher, but he dropped down to four in Kamiel's next attack. Kamiel added Boreal Druid and another Centaur, while Wessel played a Gutless Ghoul. He was only able to leave one mana untapped though, which would mean that if Kamiel just attacked with everything Wessel would have to chump-block with his Ghoul. But first, Kamiel added a third copy of Surging Might and made his new Boreal Centaur 5/5, and swung in with both, forcing the chump-block while the Musher regenerated.

Wessel found another Krovikan Mist and put Kamiel down to 4, which meant that he would be dead next turn, and with Wessel at four himself and two untapped creatures available, Kamiel needed something or his death was inevitable. He didn't have anything and Wessel went for the kill, and Kamiel extended the hand and flipped over his last two copies of Surging Might.

End result: Wessel Oomens won 2-0 over Kamiel Cornelissen

Sunday, July 23: 8:08 p.m. - Semifinals: Wilco Pinkster vs. Vasilis Fatouros

And we're off to the Semi's. Wilco Pinkster was the winner of the largest ever Grand Prix and his opponent, Vasilis Fatouros, is no stranger to top 8's

Wilco Pinkster

Pinkster led off, but he seemed to have a really slow hand as he passed turn three still without a monster to his name. Fatouros was pecking away with a Karplusan Wolverine and joined it with a Gutless Ghoul.

Meanwhile Pinkster passed yet another turn. There must be some power sitting in his hand for him not to mulligan something this slow.

Turn five and Pinkster finally found a monster, a Thermopod. Fatouros was still on the offensive. His board now had an Orcish Bloodpainter. He added the Orc shaman Sek'Kuar Deathkeeper. Pinkster answered with a Sek'Kuar of his own to send them both to the bin. A Deepfire Elemental followed, but then Pinkster was finally able to slow the assault with a wall of beef as an Aurochs Herd came into play.

The Herd could only fetch a Bull Aurochs, Deepfire fodder at best. Pinkster made a Void Maw and then offered up the Bull to the Deepfire Elemental.

Fried steak for the Void Maw, yum yum.

The game was currently totally stalled. Pinkster on 10 life was holding off Fatouros's Wolverine, Elemental and Bloodpainter with the Herd and Void Maw. A Thermopod allowed him to go on the offence now and he finally did some damage to Fatouros's life total.

Both players had drawn a lot of land and the Deepfire Elemental was slowly creeping up to danger levels. 11 land and it was eating Thermopods. Fatouros dropped a twelfth land and Pinkster knew he had to make a move now. The Dutchman summoned another hasty Thermopod and swung with everything.

Fatouros only blocked the Thermopod. Pinkster went for the win. He sac'ed the Thermopod to itself, feeding another dead body to the Maw. The Maw then pumped itself up to 12 power. Damage would be lethal unless Fatouros had an answer. He had half an answer - Surging Flames. Another Coldsnap draft game would come down to the top 4 cards of the library. Fatouros hit a second to take down the Aurochs and then a third to ensure his counter-strike would be lethal.

Fatouros 1-0 Pinkster

Krovikan Scoundrel

Pinkster kicked off with a Furrier. For once it looked like it might actually do damage, only for brief instant anyway, before Fatouros shot it down in flames.

It was about the only thing for the Greek player to be happy with as he was soon on the receiving end of fat green beats. Fatouros's Orcish Bloodpainters and Zombie Musher weren't in the same league as Pinkster's Karplusan Strider and the mighty Ronom Hulk.

A combination of Bloodpainter and Krovikan Scoundrel was finally able to bring down the Hulk. Pinkster replaced it with an Ohran Yeti. A Stalking Yeti followed and battled the last Bloodpainter to mutually assured destruction.

Fatouros was pinned down at a precarious 6 life and Pinkster kept up the pressure with Magmatic Core. Fatouros clawed some back through the help of Grim Harvest and Gutless Ghoul

Pinkster then finally went for the throat. But before the creatures clashed in the red zone, Fatouros aimed Surging Flames at Sek'Kuar and rippled into another. This pumped his own Gristle Grinner.

I've given Magmatic Core some stick in the past, but in this game was perfect. Pinkster had time to let it grow to dangerous levels and take out Fatouros's blockers. With his forces dwindling and Pinksters rampant, Fatouros decided it was time to move on to a decider.

Fatouros 1-1 Pinkster.

Vasilis Fatouros

Game 3 and Pinkster accelerated his mana with a Coldsteel Heart and then two Into the Norths. This acceleration allowed him to drop an Aurochs Herd and put a brake on Fatouros's Bloodpainter beats. Magmatic Core showed up again and Pinkster was able to wipe the board with the help of Martyr of Ashes.

The Core again showed its fickle nature. Fatouros had no creatures out and so the Core turned on Pinkster's Thermopod. Fatouros finished it off with Surging Flames.

At this point Pinkster was happy to let the Core go and now Fatouros could safely commit monsters to the board again. The key one was again the Deepfire Elemental. This munched through Pinkster's board and the Greek player administered the coup de grace with a Surging Flames.

Vasilis Fatouros beats Wilco Pinkster 2-1.

Sunday, July 23: 8:33 p.m. - Semifinals: Wessel Oomens vs. Axel Berglund

Axel Berglund

Axel had a deck with trips of what Wessel feared the most: Ronom Hulk. Apart from that, he's got a very decent green/white deck and should be able to give Wessel hard times. Wessel doesn't have Chill to the Bone to get rid of the Hulks, all he's got to work with is Garza's Assasin and a pair of Disciple of Tevesh Szat. He does have two copies of Thermal Flux in his main deck and an additional copy in the sideboard, should his snow creatures be big enough to kill the hulk in combat.

Game 1

Axel played first but had to start with just six in the grip. He played an off-curve Boreal Druid on his second turn, followed by Surging Sentinels on the next turn but he didn't ripple up any other copies. Wessel replied with an outclassed Gutless Ghoul, and Axel played another Surging Sentinels, this time it wasn't a bad ripple, as he put four lands on the bottom of his deck.

Wessel's Zombie Musher looked bigger than the Surging Sentinels, but Axel wasn't scared and sent his first strikers in. Zombie Musher didn't block, as it would be able to regenerate on the next turn so it wasn't worth the risk. Axel played a third Surging Sentinels, but opted not to ripple, indicating that he had the fourth copy in his hand as well.

Rimebound Dead

Rimebound Dead and Chilling Shade came down for Wessel, leaving one snow mana untapped, and Axel decided that he shouldn't let Wessel untap with these defenders in play and sent his Sentinels in. Zombie Musher threatened to kill one of the soldiers, but Swift Maneuver prevented that from happening and Wessel took four points down to ten. Axel tapped out for Frostweb Spider, indicating that he wasn't planning on attacking with his team again; otherwise he would have played the other Surging Sentinel as it's a more effective attacker. The Spider held off most of Wes' team, but a potentially 4/4 Chilling Shade attacked Axel for a point. Wessel passed the turn with six mana up, including a Scrying Sheets to refuel his hand.

Axel had a change of heart after his draw step, and sent all of his guys in, strongly indicating a Kjeldoran War Cry, or just a desperate bluff. Gutless Ghoul, Zombie Musher and Rimebound Dead blocked the Boreal Druid and two Sentinels respectively, and Axel played the War Cry, trading the Druid for Gutless Ghoul and putting Wessel down to 7.

This might look like a bad attack, but in this situation Axel just wants to push through as many points as possible since his deck can't really deal with regenerating creatures. If he finds one of his three Ronom Hulks, he wants to make sure that they're lethal quickly so that Wessel doesn't have time to find a solution; all of his creatures were snow at this point.

Wessel's Scrying Sheets didn't show him a snow card, but he was very content with the Garza's Assasin his deck gave him as Ronom Hulk would no longer be a big problem. Axel added some creatures to his force, but all of them were just dorks compared to Wessel's regenerating squad, now featuring two Rimebound Dead and the Zombie Musher. Wessel was drawing some extra cards with his Scrying land, but Axel had found Darien, King of Kjeldor to make the game last even longer; he was still at a very healthy 17 life.

Wessel had found a very good solution though: he used Garza's Assasin to get rid of Darien, and then Grim Harvest to return the Assasin and replayed it. At this point it really seemed hopeless for Axel, and an all-in attack on his next turn said exactly that. Some creatures died, some regenerated, a second Kjeldoran War Cry was played, but in the end Wessel just took three points of damage and paid half his life to get the Assasin back. Or that's what he thought happened!

Ursine Fylgja

Here's what happened: Frostweb Spider and Ursine Fylgja were unblocked, and Garza's Assasin destroyed the Ursine Fylgja. After first strike damage resolved, Wessel's Chilling Shade died, and he paid 4 life to get his Assasin back. Apparently Wessel forgot that this War Cry was the second one played this game, giving all of Axel's creatures +2/+2 rather than +1/+1, and he was put to exactly zero.

Wessel probably should have won this game, as he knew what was in his opponent's deck since they'd seen each other's decklists, but at this stage in a tournament, fatigue often sets in and it's easy to make a simple mistake like that and it could cost you the game.

Game 2

Wes played first and Axel mulliganned again, but had a decent start with Boreal Druid and Kjeldoran Outrider, while Wessel had a team of flyings with Krovikan Mist and Blizzard Specter. Outrider wasn't afraid of the Specter, and Wessel decided to take two, and Axel played a fourth-turn Ronom Hulk, putting Wessel under real pressure. Wessel replied aggressively: another Krovikan Mist made him attack for four (and having Axel discard a card), and Wes added Stromgald Crusader to engage in a flying versus ground creatures race.

Axel didn't have a follow-up for his Ronom Hulk, but he did get Wessel down to ten, while having 15 life himself. Wessel decided to attack with everything on his next turn, dealing 8 points and making Axel discard Kjeldoran War Cry, and he rounded out his turn with Zombie Musher and a snow land to somewhat stabilize his defenses. Axel had to kill Wes on his next turn now, and a second Kjeldoran War Cry would do it, but Axel just scooped up his cards after blockers were declared.

Game 3

Wessel Oomens

Axel played first this time and there were no mulligans this game. Neither player had a two-drop, but Axel played a third-turn Kjeldoran Outrider and passed without playing a land. Wes produced a bunch of snow lands and Gutless Ghoul, followed by Disciple of Tevesh Szat when Axel again didn't play a land and passed without a play.

His next turn gave him some hope again though, as he found a third plains and played Field Marshal, and swung in for three with the Outrider. Wes added another Gutless Ghoul, and Surging Sentinels failed to find its peer, putting Resize on the bottom of his deck, but it was a 3/2 first striker anyway.

Wessel's next play was a wrecking ball. Garza's Assasin took down Field Marshal, and Disciple took down Surging Sentinels. Axel still only had plains, and Darien couldn't prevent him from dying in Wes' next combat step.

End result: Wessel Oomens wins 2-1 over Axel Berglund

Sunday, July 23: 9:27 p.m. - Decklists: The Top 8 Decks

Andre Coimbola

Download Arena Decklist

Wessel Oomans

Download Arena Decklist

Vasilis Fatouros

Download Arena Decklist

Axel Berglund

Download Arena Decklist

Kamiel Cornelissen

Download Arena Decklist

Wilco Pinkster

Download Arena Decklist

Jelger Wiegersma

Download Arena Decklist

Asbjorn Fallesen

Download Arena Decklist

Sunday, July 23: 9:44 p.m. - Finals: Vasilis Fatouros vs. Wessel Oomens

Wessel Oomens

Well there's only one more game to go and Vasilis Fatouros and Wessel Oomens have successfully navigated their way through a star-studded top 8 and into the final.

Fatouros has a very useful looking red-black deck while Oomens is running black-blue.

Fatouros opened with a Goblin Furrier, but was stalled by Oomen's Rimebound Dead. He added a Gutless Ghoul and swung it into Oomens's freshly summoned Zombie Musher. Oomens blocked and then picked up the Musher, expecting a trick to finish it off. This time it was Martyr of Ashes. The earthquake for one took out the Rimebound Dead as well.

Oomens restocked with Disciple of Tevesh Szat and a second Musher. Fatouros had the always useful Sek'Kuar, which Oomens had to pick up and read. Oomens's knowledge of Coldsnap didn't appear to extend to the orcs as he'd had to look at Bloodpainter when Fatouros had revealed it with the Martyr. Probably trying to lull Fatouros into thinking he was a noob. You know these sneaky Dutchies.

The Bloodpainter entered play and was followed by an Ohran Yeti. Oomens matched with a Chilling Shade and it didn't seem like the stalemate was going to continue for much longer.

The Shade nipped in and then Fatouros started to abuse his Sek'Kuar, Bloodpainter combo. The Bloodpainter threw a Goblin Furrier at a Rimebound Dead and Sek'Kuar replaced it with a much more useful 3/1 graveborn token.

Tresserhorn Skyknight

Oomens made Garza's Assassin, but it couldn't touch Sek'Kuar or the freshly summoned Deepfire Elemental. One of the interesting thing about Fatouros's deck is that it starts out quickly, but also has a very good long game. In the Semi's the Deepfire Elemental had turned mana flood into a resource.

Oomens had plenty to think about. He had the evasion creatures, but had to keep them back on defence. Garza's Assassin showed the Bloodpainter a knife or three about killing, but Sek'Kuar meant it would still serve faithfully after its death.

With the pinger out the way Oomens was able to use Grim Harvest to fetch back a Disciple of Tevesh Szat. A Skred left him with an awkward decision about whether to tap out to get back the Harvest or pay half his life for Garza's Assassin. The Assassin was the casualty and was removed from game.

This left Oomens with just two Zombie Mushers and no snow land untapped. Fatouros found that crucial ninth land and one of the Mushers felt the touch of Deepfire. Now Oomens was left with a solitary Musher as Fatouros steamed in with everything. At this point there was no way back.

"And I thought that was my good draw," Oomens said.

Fatouros 1-0 Oomens.

Oomens led off with Rimebound Dead and cycled a Thermal Flux. He didn't have any snow land and I think he was hoping Fatouros might waste a Surging Flames. Rimebound Dead isn't much of a target though, a minor nuisance at best.

Fatouros's two Bloodpainters put in an appearance as Oomens developed his board with a Garza's Assassin and then a Gutless Ghoul. Both marched into the red zone as Bloodpainter and Assassin once again demonstrated the art of killing.

Once the dust settled only a regenerating Rimebound Dead was left.

Fatouros was still stuck on three land to Oomen's six. A Skred took care of the Rimebound Dead and left both players with nothing.

At this point my laptop battery ran out. So I had to pick up a summary afterwards and I apologize if it's not in as much detail as I'd like.

Basically Oomens made Tresserhorn Skyknight. Fatouros was able to kill it with Surging Flames and rippling into a second. But at this point Oomens had enough mana to continually recur it and recover Grim Harvest. Eventually the 5/3 stuck around long enough to take the match to a decider.

Fatouros 1-1 Oomens

The game started badly for Oomens as he was forced to take a double mulligan. Fatouros was unable to fully capitalize though as Oomens had the answers. Furrier was answered with Rimebound Dead and a Disciple of Tevesh Szat immediately fell prey to Feast of Flesh.

Now Oomens was able to take the offensive with Krovikan Mists and then a Phobian Phantasm. The upkeep was missed on the Phantasm, but this just allowed Oomens to drop a Ronom Serpent as a massive wall.

Vasilis Fatouros

With the ground blocked Oomens now started to take advantage of his air superiority. A second Mists increased the damage. Meanwhile Fatouros's deck was showing him little love as he was drawing land or irrelevant early drops like Krovikan Scoundrel.

A Surging Flames on the Mist slowed down the damage and now Fatouros was able to slowly hit back with a Karplusan Wolverine. Unfortunately for the Greek player Oomens had now got Scrying Sheets online and had not only overcome the disadvantage of mulliganing, but was now pulling far ahead.

Fatouros kept trying to fight with removal but was still drawing land. A Disciple started to eat through the Greek player's team. Oomens had 8 monsters, Fatouros had just 3. Even crazy Surging Flames ripple technology couldn't save him as three Surging Flames were already spent and in the graveyard.

An all-out attack dropped Fatouros to 2 life. With no answers left in his library he scooped up his permanents.

Wessel Oomens beat Vasilis Fatouros 2-1 and is the Champion of Grand Prix Malmo.