Posted in GRAND PRIX MANILA 2015 on January 4, 2015

By Chapman Sim

The popularity of Abzan is not an exaggeration. The Filipinos love their Siege Rhinos and more than 40% of the field were sporting the powerful beast in their decks, whether they adopted the Aggro or Midrange strategies. For clarity, the Abzan decks containing Whip of Erebos have been sub-categorized.

Mardu Midrange proved to be the second most popular color combination, possibly due to its diverse range of threats and impressive removal suite. The most surprising is how poorly Sidisi Whip is faring, with only 2 competitors making it through to Day 2. Perhaps the day of the Sultai Brood is over, for now...

Deck No. of Players %
Abzan Aggro 26 21.14
Mardu Midrange 19 15.45
Abzan Whip 13 10.57
Abzan Midrange 12 9.76
Jeskai Tokens 7 5.69
White Blue Heroic 6 4.88
Temur Aggro 6 4.88
Red Green Monsters 5 4.07
Blue Black Control 3 2.44
Esper Control 3 2.44
Boros Midrange 3 2.44
Jeskai Midrange 3 2.44
Boss Sligh 2 1.63
4C Sidisi Rhino 2 1.63
Green Black Constellation 2 1.63
Jeskai Ascendancy Combo 2 1.63
Sidisi Whip 2 1.63
Others 7 5.69
123 100

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