Posted in GRAND PRIX MANILA 2015 on January 3, 2015

By Chapman Sim

What is your favorite Fate Reforged previewed card?

Christian Calcano: Temporal Tresspass. After the results of Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time, I can't see how it's not broken.

Lee Shi Tian: The new Young Pyromancer, Monastery Mentor, looks crazy.

Terry Soh: I like Crux of Fate. It gives black mass removal options.

Jelger Wiegersma: Ugin, The Spirit Dragon, a colourless Planeswalker!

Martin Jůza: Soulfire Grand Master seems great, it's the 2-drop the Jeskai decks have been looking for. The ability to buyback spells seems strong.

Nam Sung Wook: Monastary Siege - at three mana it looks like it could be an important card in Modern, maybe in the sideboard.