Posted in GRAND PRIX MANILA 2015 on January 3, 2015

By Chapman Sim and Neale Talbot

What are you playing today and why?

Ivan Floch: Both Martin Jůza and I are playing Abzan Whip, as the maindeck creatures are bigger and better and doesn't rely all-in on the graveyard.

Lee Shi Tian: I'm running the same four colour Jeskai Combo deck I ran at Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir. There's been a metagame shift recently, and besides I don't like playing the lifegain mirror matches, which go on too long.

Raymond Tan: Mardu, I've been playing it ever since Khans of Tarkir was released and I'm familiar with the deck.

Makihito Mihara: Black Green Devotion. I like combo decks.

Andrew Cantillana: White Blue Heroic. It's good as long as I dodge all the Mardu decks.

Huang Hao-Shan: Today I'm playing Abzan Whip, as I prefer casting Siege Rhino to Sidisi, Brood Tyrant.