9-0 Decks at Grand Prix Manchester

Posted in GRAND PRIX MANCHESTER 2016 on May 29, 2016

By Tobi Henke

Out of a field of 1,697 players, only six managed to end Day 1 on a perfect record of 9-0. We already featured Lukas Blohon's Sultai Control, but certainly all of these players' decks deserve a closer look.

Luke May and Mattia Rizzi both went undefeated on the first day with Green-White Tokens and Yuri Stroilov did so with Naya Midrange. The strength of these two archetypes was also reflected in our Top 100 metagame breakdown, where they took the first and second place, respectively. Lewis McLeod used a well-known deck for his 9-0 run too: White-Black Control.

And last but not least, Lauri Vuorela entered the tournament with something a little more unusual though not completely unknown. While others were debating whether the engine of Cryptolith Rites and Collected Company was best at home in an Abzan deck with or without blue, Vuorela made a strong case for Bant.

Lauri Vuorela, 9-0 at Grand Prix Manchester 2016

Luke May, 9-0 at Grand Prix Manchester 2016

Mattia Rizzi, 9-0 at Grand Prix Manchester 2016

Yuri Stroilov, 9-0 at Grand Prix Manchester 2016

Lewis McLeod, 9-0 at Grand Prix Manchester 2016

Lukas Blohon, 9-0 at Grand Prix Manchester 2016

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