Quick Question: Favorite Eternal Masters Cards

Posted in Event Coverage on May 28, 2016

By Tobi Henke

One of the topics discussed among players at this Grand Prix was of course the upcoming release of Eternal Masters, the full list of which was published yesterday. We asked a few of the more notable players in attendance at Grand Prix Manchester for their favorite cards in the set …

Patrick Dickmann, Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch semifinalist: All of the cards you couldn't get a premium version of other than maybe some promo until now. So Counterspell, Hymn to Tourach, and a lot more.

Christoffer Larsen, three-time Grand Prix Top 8 competitor: Let me take a look at that card list … Ooo, I always loved Second Thoughts in Limited. And Wonder. Common Avarax? This is going to be awesome. Sylvan Might as a common! This set has all the best Limited cards from the ages. The draft format looks great!

Petr Sochůrek, champion of Grand Prix Paris 2016: Brainstorm!

Joel Larsson, champion of Pro Tour Magic Origins: Arcanis the Omnipotent. Because he is omnipotent.

Craig Jones, finalist at Pro Tour Honolulu 2006: I'm quite excited for Gamble and Sneak Attack. Gamble is good for Lands which is the most fun deck in Legacy and Sneak Attack is just the most fun card.

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