9th - 32nd Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on June 4, 2017

By Chapman Sim

Most of these players were one match win or even one match point away from the Top 8! Let's check them out!

Richie Robert Ong's Black-Green Aggro - 9th

Kelvin Chew's Jeskai Vehicles - 10th

Matias Monico Palu-Ay's Black-Green Aggro - 11th

Jay Pangasinan's Temur Marvelworks - 12th

Teruya Kakumae's Red-Green Energy - 13th

Aziz Riphat's Black-Green Aggro - 14th

Allan De Las Alas's Temur Aetherworks - 15th

Jake Lester Amargo's Temur Aetherworks - 16th

Raymond Baligaya's Mardu Vehicles - 17th

Lim Zhong Yi's Temur Marvelworks - 18th

Philip Christopher Rama's Jeskai Vehicles - 19th

Wu Kon Fai's Jeskai Vehicles - 20th

Reynald Ignacio Abella's Temur Marvelworks - 21st

Jeremy Cloyd's 4-Color Marvelworks - 22nd