Top 8 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on June 4, 2017

By Chapman Sim

After fifteen rounds of Standard Constructed, we reduced the field of 757 players down to just 8!

Despite worries of an unbalanced or lopsided metagame, that notion was dispelled when it was revealed that the Top 8 comprised a healthy mix of EIGHT distinctively different decks! We'll bet our hats that nobody saw this coming! Let's check out what our Top 8 competitions played this weekend!

  • Qi Wentao (Esper Vehicles)
  • Ryoichi Tamada (White-Blue Flash)
  • Cholo Pascual (Mardu Blue)
  • Mark Anthony Biala (Mono Black Zombies)
  • Imman Van Valerio (Temur Aetherworks)
  • Wee Pang Ming (Red-Green Pummeler)
  • Rei Anthony Coo (Black-Green Constrictor)
  • Dustan Tauli (Mardu Vehicles)

*Decklists ordered according to Swiss standing.

Qi Wentao's Esper Vehicles

Download Arena Decklist

Ryoichi Tamada's White-Blue Flash

Download Arena Decklist
Planeswalker (4)
4 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
Mágica Instantânea (3)
3 Negate
Encantamento (6)
4 Stasis Snare 2 Cast Out
60 Cards

Cholo Pascual's Mardu Blue

Download Arena Decklist

Mark Anthony Biala's Mono Black Zombies

Download Arena Decklist
Mágica Instantânea (3)
3 Grasp of Darkness
Encantamento (3)
3 Liliana's Mastery
Terreno (24)
22 Swamp 2 Westvale Abbey
60 Cards

Imman Van Valerio's Temur Marvelworks

Download Arena Decklist

Wee Pang Ming's Red-Green Pummeler

Download Arena Decklist

Rei Anthony Coo's Black-Green Constrictor

Download Arena Decklist

Dunstan Tauli's Mardu Vehicles

Download Arena Decklist

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