Quick Questions – Shadows Over Innistrad Previews

Posted in Event Coverage on March 6, 2016

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Did you have the opportunity to participate in the Escape Room, and which Shadows over Innistrad preview card are you the most excited about?

Patty Robertson

“I haven’t had a chance, but I’d like to do it. Archangel Avacyn seems very strong. Delirium is a cool mechanic, Pick the Brain looks like it could be fun. Geralf’s Masterpiece might have a place in that you can bring it back repeatedly.”

Sonia L’Hopital

“I’m finally out of contention in the main event, so I’ve dropped to play Legacy, but I hope to have time to do the Escape Room. I’m impressed by Archangel Avacyn, it’s very good against cards like Wrath of God.”

Jason Chung

“Not yet, but I’d like to do it with Zen Takahashi and some of the other New Zealanders. Geralf’s Masterpiece looks very interesting. If the activated ability cost 1 less, it would very almost too good. I’d definitely be playing it in my Modern deck this weekend if I could.”

A.J. Cross

“The Escape room was great! It gave me flashbacks to high school maths having to remember prime numbers, and things like that, but it all clicked into place and we made it out alive. Brain in a Jar is full of flavour, I love it.”

Kenji Tsumura

“The Escape Room is cool, but I haven’t had time. Brain in a Jar is exciting, it’s very powerful. Wait, Archangel Avacyn, that’s the card! I pick Avacyn!”

Sashi Kumar

“It was awesome! I’ve done a few escape rooms, and they usually give you an hour, so this being tailored to 15 minutes made it a little easier in a way, but it felt like they got the difficulty level right. The ambience was amazing. Preview card? Archangel Avacyn is gorgeous!”

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