Quick Question: What's The Most Important Card In Your Sideboard?

Posted in GRAND PRIX MEMPHIS 2015 on February 21, 2015

By Peter Rawlings

What's The Most Important Card In Your Sideboard?

With a vast variety of archetypes players can face in this open metagame, sideboards take on added importance, offering the opportunity to twiddle and tweak decks to adjust to whatever opponents bring to the table. With that in mind, we asked several of the top players at Grand Prix Memphis what card had proven most crucial to the construction of their sideboards.

For No. 10 Sam Black, that card was Mastery of the Unseen. In Black's deck, which is White-Red with, fittingly, a splash of black, the Fate Reforged enchantment provides a way to win attrition battles in grindy match-ups and against control decks.

No. 20 Andrew Cuneo, fresh off a Top 25 finish at Pro Tour Fate Reforged, said his most crucial sideboard card was Grindclock. While his control deck has plenty of tools to fight off creature based attacks, the 2-mana artifact gives his a deck a slow, but inevitable, victory condition in the mirror match.

No. 1 Owen Turtenwald, piloting Jeskai, named Glare of Heresy as his most important sideboard card, citing the card's versatility in a wide range of match-ups. “It's really good against everything from Jeskai, to Abzan, to White-Blue Heroic,” he said.

Christian Calcano, who already has one Grand Prix Top 8 under his belt this year, said Monastery Mentor is the best card in the sideboard of his Jeskai Tokens deck. Since he isn't playing any actual creatures in his main deck—only token generators such as Hordeling Outburst and Raise the Alarm—the Monk provides a crucial additional win condition in a number of match-ups, he said.