Posted in GRAND PRIX MEXICO CITY 2015 on January 31, 2015

By Josh Bennett

Last weekend, the Wizards of the Coast offices were host to the 2nd Annual Super Sunday Series Championship. Forty-four players from across the globe were flown in to battle for gold and glory. Even earning an invitation was no mean feat. On Day 2 of every Grand Prix there is a massive tournament, the winner of which qualifies for the big show. Last year it was oath brother Owen Turtenwald who took home the title. When the dust settled this time around, it was Argentina’s Luis Salvatto holding the trophy.

Two of this year’s competitors are in attendance this weekend. Three-time GP Champion Seth Manfield made a detour on his way to Pro Tour Fate Reforged to compete. Marco Aurelio Hernandez Cabañas is a homegrown talent, and actually qualified at the last Grand Prix Mexico City. I sat down with them to talk about their experiences at the tournament. I caught Manfield as he was testing his sealed deck against Canada’s Jon “True North” Stern.

Seth Manfield (left) and Marco Aurelio Hernandez Cabañas (right)

“It’s an incredible tournament. We had a great mix of players. Some big name pros, plenty of other names you’d recognize, and then a bunch of strong players that you’d never have heard of, and from all over the world. Everyone was really friendly so there was just a great atmosphere. We got to tour the Wizards offices, which was cool. Of course, I didn’t do as well as I’d like, but it was still awesome.”

Hernandez was mired in a match when I found him. As I got to the table he delivered a surprise killing blow with Temur Battle Rage, and was soon able to give me his full attention.

“That tournament is the best. Let me tell you: I almost didn’t sign up for the GP just so I could be sure to play in the qualifier tomorrow.”

His face had lit up in a huge smile. I pressed him for details.

“Okay, first – Friday. Free drafts all day, so already I’m in heaven. Of course there have to be some stakes so we played that you win the cards of the people you defeat. So if you win round one you get his cards as prizes, and if you lose round 2, he takes your cards, but not the cards you won before. The players were all excellent and from all over, it was so great to meet them. The formats were great especially Sealed-Draft. I think we’re going to play a lot more of that. It was great playing such high-powered limited decks. Just everything. It was amazing.”

If you missed it you can check out full coverage here, including more video than you could shake a stick at. If you want to compete, you’d best bring your A-game to a Grand Prix Sunday. The shot at greatness is a fine silver lining to missing Day 2.