Quick Questions #2

Posted in Event Coverage on March 8, 2015

By Peter Rawlings

Our second Quick Questions of the weekend comes from another one of our community contributors:

Which of the cards that have been previewed from Dragons of Tarkir do you think will be the strongest in Standard?

Alexander Hayne

Alexander Hayne (22) is high on Lightning Berserker.

It's a one-mana creature and that is both “good early and good late,” since its Firebreathing ability can make use of extra mana in later turns, he said. Since it can be dashed out it also has the potential to be a “Fireball every turn” if its controller wants it to be, giving red aggressive decks something to do when they flood out, he said.

Jacob Wilson

No. 9 Jacob Wilson named Sidisi, Undead Vizier as the card he thought had the most potential.

“A lot of decks already play a lot of frivolous creatures, such as Satyr Wayfinder,” offering plenty of fodder for the Zombie Naga to exploit, he said. Sidisi's ability to tutor is especially useful in this particular Standard format because “there are a lot of situationally powerful cards like Disdainful Stroke or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon that you might want access to, but which you don't want multiple copies of,” he said.

Willy Edel

“I think Narset Transcendent is very, very good,” said No. 16 Willy Edel. In fact, most of the White-Blue cards that have been previewed have looked strong, he said, with Dragonlord Ojutai and his accompanying Command as other standouts.

“I've been saying for months how good Dismiss would be in this Standard,” and Ojutai's Command does a pretty good impression, with its ability to both counter a creature and draw a card all wrapped up in one package, he said.

Jon Stern

Jon Stern also had his eye on Narset Transcendent, which he thinks will be a potent “card advantage engine for prowess- and spell-based decks.

For instance, Stern is playing Jeskai Tokens here in Miami, where Narset would be right at home, he said. In that archetype, the Planeswalker can both trigger prowess and consistently draw cards, since so many of the deck's creatures are tokens generated with noncreature spells, such as Hordeling Outburst, he said.

Christian Calcano

Christian Calcano was most excited by the new White-Blue and Blue-Black commands.

“They both fit my style of play, and they provide a lot of options for a control deck,” he said. While Calcano likes both cards, Ojutai's Command might be the slightly stronger option both because it is one mana cheaper, and because it has a strong default mode in always being able to draw a card, whereas Silumgar's Command might not be able to accomplish anything on an empty board.

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