Posted in GRAND PRIX MILAN 2015 on December 14, 2014

By Olle Rade

As much as Magic is a game of skill and choosing the best deck for a tournament, it is also about making the game as much fun to play as possible. For some people, that is making the Top 8 at a Grand Prix, or winning an important feature match on camera. For others, it's making Day Two with your very own creation. In the field of 210 players, one deck stood out in particular when we went through all the decklists. As it turns out Italian Gabriele Schito brought a Sliver deck to the table.

"It's a great accomplishment to make Day Two at a Grand Prix with a Modern Sliver deck," the 27-year-old economics student explains.

Schito made the two hour drive from his home town Savona on the Mediterranean coast with an interesting deck in his backpack. A Sliver deck, filled with both old and new Slivers surely has made his opponents raise their eyebrows in surprise this weekend.

The deck contains slivers that you might expect, like Predatory Sliver and Sinew Sliver, but also a package with Homing Sliver, Virulent Sliver, Darkheart Sliver, and several Harmonic Sliver and Necrotic Sliver. It even has Virulent Sliver to be able to beat infinite lifegain combos.

"There are so many tricks you can do with this deck, and it has a lot of answers. But most importantly it is a lot of fun to play," Schito says.

What are the most important cards in the deck?
"I would say Necrotic Sliver and Sedge Sliver. Necrotic can answer any card from your opponent and combos very well with Sliver Hive. And Sedge Sliver with Manaweft Sliver can set up a wall that your opponent can't attack through, giving you time to find Necrotic Sliver."

What good and/or bad match-ups does the deck have?
“For me it's been 50/50 against almost everything. Red/Green Tron and decks with Anger of the Gods are probably bad match-ups. And I actually haven't played against any Delver of Secrets yet."

With a 7-1-1 record on Day One, Gabriele Schito is already a winner, and he gladly recommends the deck for anyone who wants to keep their opponents guessing at an FNM or a PPTQ the upcoming season.

"I think it can do well. But sometimes it also drives you crazy. There's no card manipulation, so you are left with what you draw every turn, and sometimes the deck doesn't draw that well. But when it does, it's amazing."

When we talked to Schito, he fell in a close match against Spaniard Javier Dominguez, whose Squadron Hawks and Baneslayer Angel came over the top of Galerider Sliver, Sedge Sliver and Necrotic Sliver. But with a draw accelerated with Aether Vial, Schito assured us that the deck can beat anything. And he has the Day Two ticket to prove it.

Gabriele Schito, Slivers

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