Posted in GRAND PRIX MILAN 2015 on December 13, 2014

By Olle Rade

When multiple large Magic tournaments take place on weekends after one another it's always interesting to catch up with the people who travel to play in all of them. One team that does a lot of traveling is the Asian Team MTG Mint Card. Several of their members played the World Magic Cup in Nice last week, and South Korean Platinum Pro Nam Sung-Wook is here along with Tzu-Ching Kuo, the captain Chinese Taipei's national team, and Chapman Sim from Singapore, who might not be a Platinum Pro, but the 29 year-old is certainly a Platinum member of his airlines frequent flier program.

“I just love traveling, and being able to play Magic at the same time is really awsome,” he says.

His visit here in Milan is in fact part of a seven week trip, that includes Grand Prix Strasbourg, a visit to Marseille before he played in the World Magic Cup in Nice. After that he spent a few days in Kraków before Grand Prix Milan, after which he's off to Copenhagen, Tromsø, Kiruna, Stockholm, Helsinki. Finally rounding things off with a PTQ in Taipei, a Grand Prix in Manila and one in Shizuoka.

Nam Sung-Wook, Tzu-Ching Kuo, and Chapman Sim

Nam Sung-Wook also played the World Magic Cup, and took his South Korean team to a fifth place finish. He explains that he's spent the week after in Nice before getting in to Milan two days before the Grand Prix.

“Unfortunately I haven't had the time to see Milan yet, since I've tested online for this tournament for two days, but I stay here until Wednesday before I fly back home,” he says.

Last weeks World Magic Cup marked the third year as a captain for  Tzu-Ching Kuo from Chinese Taipei, but as he finds himself not being qualified for more Pro Tours he is hoping for a good finish here this weekend before the 33-year-old ends another extensive Magic journey and returns back home on Monday.

“My goals for next year are one Grand Prix win, one Pro Tour top 8, and of course to be the captain for Chinese Taipei again,” he says. And a good finish this weekend could be a good start.