Setting the Day 2 Scene at Grand Prix Milwaukee

Posted in Event Coverage on December 11, 2016

By Corbin Hosler

The event began with almost 1,400 players, but just over a quarter of that field returned for Day 2 action at Grand Prix Milwaukee. With the snow falling heavily outside, players trudged through the cold to enter the bright world of Kaladesh Limited, where today's draft rounds will determine the Top 8 for the event.

Here are the storylines we'll be following today.

Severa Leads the Pack in his Backyard

The Madison crew has received plenty of praise from the community, and their results continue to demonstrate why. The latest standout is Matt Severa, who has earned a record-tying three Grand Prix titles this season and is well on his way to a fourth after a perfect 9-0 start at Grand Prix Milwaukee. He's won his last 20 Grand Prix matches entering Day 2 and has to be considered the favorite to win here today.

But he's far from the only big name in the hunt. No. 4 Steve Rubin, No. 13 Sam Pardee, Ari Lax and more are in the thick of things. Will Severa continue his run of dominance, or will someone else prevent him from going back-to-back?

The Evolution of Kaladesh Draft

Three rounds of Draft today will decide the winner of the Grand Prix, after nine rounds of Sealed Deck set the stage yesterday. Kaladesh has proven to be a unique format that is ripe for exploration, something that many players have learned to take full advantage of as they experiment with inventive decks.

As the final premier event for the format, what has changed in the months following its release? What cards have seen a noticeable change in their stock? And just how, for lack of a better term, "wonky" can the decks get and still be successful? We'll find out today.

Closing Out 2016

Grand Prix Milwaukee isn't just another event on the schedule – it's the final event of 2016. All weekend we've been asking players and community members about their favorite memories of the year, to some entertaining responses.

We'll be continuing that all day today. Follow along at for more favorite moments, plus tournament coverage up until the moment we crown a champion of Grand Prix Milwaukee!

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