This weekend Grand Prix Milan took place at the Hotel Executive in Milano, Italy with 466 competitors from eighteen countries.

After eight rounds, the cut to Top 64 was made for Day 2. There were still twelve different countries represented, which was down to five after the cut to Top 8. Home country Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, and Switzerland faced off in the quarterfinals.

Top 8

Quarter Finals Score
Raffael Gennari - Sasa Zorc 2-0
Micha Schulte-Middelich - Mario Delucis 0-2
Ivan Solaja - Ziga Fritz 1-2
Ivan Curina - William Cavaglieri 0-2
Semi Finals Score
Ziga Fritz - William Cavaglieri 3-1
Raffael Gennari - Mario Delucis  
Finals Score
Raffael Gennari - Ziga Fritz 0-3

Seventeen-year old Ziga Fritz won US$2000 to take home to Slovenia. Fritz has only been playing Magic: The Gathering for sixteen months.