Top 32 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on August 6, 2017

By Corbin Hosler

After Ramunap Red's dominance at the Pro Tour last week, it was widely assumed to be the deck to beat coming into Grand Prix Minneapolis. And it was certainly beaten this week, as a horde of Zombies players arrived armed with the deck boasting the best Red matchup in the room, which showed through in the Top 32 numbers.

With Ramunap Red now dethroned, players will naturally shift to decks that prey on Zombies and Black-Green Constrictor, the other "foil" to Ramunap Red. As we leave Minnesota behind, it's clear that Standard is continuing to evolve.

Chris Botelho's Eldrazi Vampires - 9th

Dan Ward's White-Blue Approach - 10th

Tomoharu Saito's Blue-Red Control - 11th

Jarvis Yu's Mono-Black Zombies - 12th

Songhao Mei's Black-Green Delirium - 13th

Jeremy Sager's Mono-Black Zombies - 14th

Rob Pisano's Mono-Black Zombies - 15th

Donald Corrigan's Black-Green Energy, 16th

Gary Wong's Mono-Black Zombies - 17th

Sean Wiehe's Mono-Black Zombies - 18th

Evan Whitehouse's Mono-Black Zombies - 19th

John Asbach's Mono-Black Zombies - 20th

Austin Swantz's Mono-Black Zombies - 21st

Luke Goodwin's Ramunap Red - 22nd

Lito Biala's Mardu Vehicles- 23rd

Levi Pospichal's Black-Green Constrictor- 24th