Finals: David Goldfarb vs Mike Sigrist

Posted in Event Coverage on July 6, 2015

By Josh Bennett

A best-of-three for all the marbles. A weekend's worth of tight play and shrewd drafting, opponents crushed underfoot, and now only two players remain who can hoist the championship trophy.

The Players

David Goldfarb hails from Toronto and is a regular at Grand Prix in the northeast. He got his first taste of the big stage at last year's World Magic Cup as a member of Team Canada, and instead of basking in his first Grand Prix Top 8, he's got his eyes firmly on the prize. He drafted a streamlined White-Blue Tempo affair and couldn't help but indulge a bit of a strut after submitting his decklist. His confidence has been borne out to this point.

Opposite him is Foxboro's Mike Sigrist, already a Grand Prix Champion and with a Pro Tour Top 8 under his belt. No less a player than Owen Turtenwald was very nearly quoted as saying “Mike Sigrist is the de facto Best Player Alive, which I mean literally and without hyperbole.” He went aggro for his Top 8 draft, putting together a Red-White army heavy on the two-drops, and topped by Outpost Siege and a splashed Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury.

Mike Sigrist

The Games

Goldfarb's swiss standing put him on the play, but he had nothing until a turn-three Dromoka Captain. Sigrist's Kolaghan Aspirant attacked past it, and was joined by Sandsteppe Outcast and its spirit friend. Goldfarb hit for one, bolstering to a 2/2, then added Dragon Bell Monk. Sigrist piled on, summoning Dromoka Herald and attacking all out. Goldfarb traded his Monk for the Aspirant and fell to fifteen. Sigrist replaced it with a second copy and passed back.

Goldfarb cast Silkwrap to clear out the Herald, then played a morph before swinging with his Captain. He bolstered onto the morph and passed. Aven Tactician from Sigrist grew his Outcast into a 3/2. It hit the Red Zone, joined by the Aspirant and the spirit token, leaving Goldfarb no appealing blocks with his morph. After a moment's consideration he bit the bullet and traded it for the Outcast. He hit back with his Captain, growing it to a 3/3, then summoned Aven Surveyor, bouncing away the pesky 1/1 token.

David Goldfarb

Sigrist kept his foot on the gas and attacked again. The Surveyor traded for his Aspirant. Goldfarb was down to ten, and Sigrist had only his 2/3 flier. He decided to spend Sarkhan's Rage to dispatch the Captain before it could get out of hand. Goldfarb could do nothing but bring out a Dromoka Warrior. Sigrist was out of action. He hit in the air and passed.

It was an old-fashioned topdeck war. Goldfarb bricked and hit for three. Luck was on Sigrist's side as he plucked Territorial Roc. Goldfarb hit another blank and traded away his Warrior for the Roc. More good news waited for Sigrist in the form of Dragon Bell Monk. Goldfarb drew and played an anemic Lightwalker, but yet another tug from Sigrist – this time Kolaghan Forerunners – meant that the game was his.

Sigrist 1 – Goldfarb 0

Goldfarb hit the ground running in the second game, playing out a face-up Stratus Dancer and then boosting it with Sandcrafter Mage after Sigrist failed to play a two-drop. Sigrist's three was mighty, however – Arashin Foremost. They built out their boards while Goldfarb sailed over for three a turn, and then Goldfarb kicked it up a notch with Sunscorch Regent.

Sigrist had no ready removal, and so had to play a defensive Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury. Goldfarb sent it back with Aven Surveyor and got in for eight. Sigrist was down to seven and facing an army. He untapped and hit for four with his Foremost, then dropped Valorous Stance on the Sunscorch Regent. Two more mana gave him an Arashin Cleric to shore up his life total, and he passed back.

Goldfarb wasn't out of gas yet. He tapped five for Aven Tactician to make his Surveyor a 3/3, and his squad crashed in. Sigrist blocked as best he could but fell to one. He had no answer for Goldfarb's fliers and was forced to shuffle up for game three.

Sigrist 1 – Goldfarb 1

For the decider they matched beatdown draws. Sigrist with Territorial Roc and Sandsteppe Outcast, Goldfarb with the Lightwalker / Sandcrafter Mage combo, hitting for three in the air. Sigrist went one better, adding Arashin Foremost to his squad, giving his Outcast double strike to breeze by the Mage. Goldfarb was forced to take six.

Worse, he was missing his fourth land. He held his creatures back and turned it over to Sigrist, who went for the jugular. He dashed in Kolaghan Forerunners, summoned Kolaghan Aspirant, and attacked all-out. The Forerunners were up to a 6/3 Trampler and earned a Sandblast from Goldfarb. He pushed both his creatures in front of the Foremost giving up the two-for-one to stay at seven life.

Goldfarb untapped and ripped the land he needed for Champion of Arashin, but could only trade it away for the Aspirant. Sigrist replaced it with a face-up Sandsteppe Scavenger. Goldfarb untapped, looked over the situation, and congratulated his opponent on a hard-won victory.

Mike Sigrist defeats David Goldfarb 2-1 and is your Grand Prix Montreal 2015 Champion!

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