Platinum Watch – Montreal Edition

Posted in Event Coverage on July 5, 2015

By Josh Bennett

For the game’s elite, a successful Pro Tour year has one minimum requirement: Reaching 46 Pro Points and earning Platinum Pro Club Status. The rewards are tremendous, including appearance fees for events, and airfare and accommodation for every Pro Tour. We’re in the home stretch now, with just a handful of chances for players to add to their total. Naturally, anything can happen at Pro Tour Magic Origins in Vancouver, but the key is to hit at least 43 points before that event begins. That way the 3 points you receive just for competing will push you past the Platinum Threshold.

Coming into this weekend we had seven competitors within striking distance of locking up Platinum. Things shook out nicely by the end of round fourteen.

Team Face-To-Face Games, Literally

First up, an unhappy twosome of Christian Calcano and Pascal Maynard, both of whom missed Day 2. Things were doubly tough on Maynard, who had to watch from the sidelines as Alexander Hayne cruised to 8-1 on Day 1. The rivals were in a tie for the Grand Prix Warrior invitation to World Championships, the tiebreaker falling to Maynard. Hayne stumbled on Day 2 but managed to right the ship enough to guarantee himself a crucial one point, pulling ahead in the race. A win in round 15 would make it that much harder for Maynard to catch up at Dallas.

Hayne was also in the hunt for Platinum, but with so many Grand Prix finishes this year he has reached his cap (as far as Pro Status goes), and needed at least a Top 8 to advance. He will need either a Top 8 at GP Dallas or at least a 10-6 finish at PT Magic Origins.

Wiegersma and Duke rest easy having locked up Platinum.

Hall of Famer Ben Stark was also capped, and sitting on 40 points. He was still in the hunt for the Top 8 that would lock up platinum as of round 14, but took a heartbreaking loss. Even with a 12-3 finish this weekend he will only gain two points towards Pro Status instead of the full three.

Things were much sunnier for our last three players – Hall of Famer Jelger Wiegersma, 19th Ranked Reid Duke, and PT Khans of Tarkir Semi-finalist Mike Sigrist. Not only did they guarantee the points they need to make Platinum, but all three were playing win-and-in matches in the final round of Swiss. Turns out when you’re a master, mastery just comes naturally.

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