Quarterfinals: Martin-Eric Gauthier vs. Adam Waksman; David Goldfarb vs. Reid Duke

Posted in Event Coverage on July 6, 2015

By Josh Bennett

Here for your reading pleasure we present a quick rundown of two of the Quarterfinal Matches. Who would make it through to the Round of Four?

Quarterfinal 1: Martin-Eric Gauthier vs. Adam Waksman

This was a Blue-Black Mirror, but skewed by the fact that Gauthier's deck had the lion's share of expoit synergies. In the first game Gauthier got an early advantage with fliers while Waksman spent a turn on Diplomacy of the Wastes. Waksman barred the way with Lotus Path Djinn, but when he went for Gurmag Drowner he found himself on the wrong end of the Silumgar Sorcerer / Dutiful Attendant combo. Both sides grew their armies, and then Shifting Loyalties from Gauthier gave him total control of the skies.

It looked like Gauthier would take it in two quick strikes, but Waksman returned fire with all his creatures, and Butcher's Glee on his Hewed Stone Retainers completely reversed the race. Now Gauthier was forced to play it defensive, on just three life and helpless against Waksman's Elusive Spellfist. Just two spells could take it for Waksman, but he was completely out of gas. Gauthier spent a turn shoring up the ground, and then sailed over to victory.

Martin-Eric Gauthier

Gauthier 1 – Waksman 0

Gauthier curved out again in this game while Waksman stumbled on mana, forced to take a turn off to get Silumgar Monument into play. Still, Waksman managed to make some efficient trades and then dropped Gurmag Angler, stopping Gauthier's attacks. Gauthier had Corpseweft, but not enough corpses. He played Vulturous Aven and drew a pair.

Here, Waksman struck, tapping five for Dark Wanderings and getting in with his Angler. Gauthier chumped with Marang River Skeleton and Waksman rose to twelve life. Gauthier's Hand of Silumgar managed to trade for the Angler, but Waksman simply replaced it with Noxious Dragon. Gauthier took advantage of the full graves to make himself a 6/6 zombie token, then untapped and bounced the dragon with Aven Surveyor. Nine damage cut Waksman's life total in half, and Silumgar Sorcerer locked up the game.

Adam Waksman

Martin-Eric Gauthier defeats Adam Waksman 2-0

Quarterfinal 2: David Goldfarb vs. Reid Duke

Duke was not confident of his chances and made no secret of it. You could tell that Goldfarb agreed with him but was simply too polite to say so.

They traded cards early, but Duke managed to stick a 4/4 Sandsteppe Scavenger, then grow it to a 5/5 with Hunt the Weak. He got in a couple of big hits, but Goldfarb's army was growing and Duke was short on action. Aven Surveyor sent the big Scavenger packing and let Goldfarb drop Duke to nine life. Duke replayed his Scavenger and tried to make it a race, but he was dead to any spell. It turned out to be Artful Maneuver.

Reid Duke

Goldfarb 1 – Duke 0

Duke opened with unaugmented Scaleguard Sentinels into Atarka Monument. Goldfarb played Write Into Being, and Duke piled on with a pair of Glade Watchers. Champion of Arashin showed up for Goldfarb and traded for the Sentinels. Duke played out Whisperer of the Wilds and passed with just one card in hand.

Goldfarb played out Lotus Path Djinn. Duke had a sixth land, allowing him to animate his monument, and then with formidable and ferocious active, tap his Whisperer for the mana to activate both his Watchers. He sent the team. Goldfarb doubled up on a Watcher and lost a Djinn to kill it. He was down to seven, but far from out of it.

His next play was Sunscorch Regent, and he had no intention of getting cute with it, simply trading it off for the Monument. Duke bricked on his draw and now Goldfarb was pulling ahead. Silkwrap took care of the remaining Watcher and a morph joined his side. Next up was Cunning Breezedancer while Duke found cruelly useless spells: Ultimate Price and Grim Contest. It was over in short order.

David Goldfarb

David Goldfarb defeats Reid Duke 2-0

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