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By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayer Opponent
424Ouellet, Vincent3385 [CAN]vs.Chapman, Paul [USA]
423Bonnauron, Patrice [CAN]vs.Ferneyhough, Michael [CAN]
422Wilson, Fred [CAN]vs.Duclos, Patrice [CAN]
421Kroll, Steven [CAN]vs.Banville Baillargeon, [CAN]
420Boulet, Félix [CAN]vs.Cella, Michael [CAN]
419Hollbach, Kevan [CAN]vs.McClintock, Andrew [CAN]
418Mercer, Jesse [CAN]vs.Rivard Haustrate, Guil [CAN]
417Stadnyk, Kevin [CAN]vs.Shaw, Jesse [CAN]
416Pissardo, Jean-Françoi [CAN]vs.Brazeau, Mathieu [CAN]
415Curry, Alexander [CAN]vs.Johansen, Scott [USA]
414Leblanc Falardeau, Céd [CAN]vs.Whitehead, Jason C [CAN]
413Aubry, François-Xavier [CAN]vs.Thibeau, Jeremy [CAN]
412Fillion, Brian [CAN]vs.Kitt, Michael [CAN]
411White, Sam [CAN]vs.Hutchinson, Robert [CAN]
410Zielinski, Stephen [CAN]vs.Morrill, Adam [CAN]
409Cantin, Étienne [CAN]vs.Bernier, Alain [CAN]
408Swift, Nathaniel [USA]vs.McCann, Alex [CAN]
407Phoenix, Martin [CAN]vs.Lerman, Luke [CAN]
406Coughlan, Liam [CAN]vs.Brisson, Simon [CAN]
405Seligman, Steven [USA]vs.Roy, Gabriel [CAN]
404Baillargeon, Pierre [CAN]vs.Hendrickson, Roger [CAN]
403Johnston, Chad [CAN]vs.Beaupré, Charles [CAN]
402Fortier, Thomas [CAN]vs.Labelle, Philippe [CAN]
401Goupil, Jean-Francois [CAN]vs.Arella, Alex [CAN]
400Sowers, Travis [USA]vs.Besner, Alexis [CAN]
399Rosillo, Jose [CAN]vs.Mackinnon, Ben D [CAN]
398Dee, Victor [CAN]vs.Yorke, Chris [CAN]
397Gignac, Carl [CAN]vs.Terry, Matthew [CAN]
396Tremblay, Charles [CAN]vs.Cayouette, Philippe [CAN]
395Seltzer, Eric [CAN]vs.Bissonnette, Richard [CAN]
394Latendresse, Michel [CAN]vs.Girard-Gagnon, Mikael [CAN]
393André-Lespérance, Alex [CAN]vs.Chuah, Joshua [USA]
392Vegh, Steven [CAN]vs.Cheff, Stephane [CAN]
391Chow, Kenneth [CAN]vs.Carroll, Maya [CAN]
390Lebel, Maxime [CAN]vs.Sheres, Joel [CAN]
389Jaroszonek, Stefan [CAN]vs.Chabalier, Jaures [CAN]
388Bocking, David [CAN]vs.Cadieux, Alexandre8678 [CAN]
387Galves, Victor [CAN]vs.Desai, Scott [CAN]
386Wolman, Michael [CAN]vs.Ferland, Derek [CAN]
385Robillard, Kyle [CAN]vs.Tortoza, Charli [BRA]
384Lévesque, Rémy [CAN]vs.Carpenter, Richard J [CAN]
383Garnelis, Kyle [USA]vs.Alonso, Anthony [CAN]
382Lippert, Ian [CAN]vs.Larochelle, Sylvain s [CAN]
381Noworaj, Anna [CAN]vs.Hood, Allen [USA]
380Cook, Tyler [USA]vs.Lefrancois-Jutras, Fre [CAN]
379Barski, Robert [CAN]vs.Conger, Zachary [USA]
378Burdzy, Walter [USA]vs.Jodoin, Francis [CAN]
377Desharnais, Mathieu [CAN]vs.Eaton, Simon [CAN]
376Ruderman, Jeffrey [USA]vs.Carey, Max [CAN]
375Fong, Jean-Philippe [CAN]vs.Laflèche, Raphael [CAN]
374Bain, Kylan [CAN]vs.Keays, Jason [CAN]
373Vigneault, Philippe [CAN]vs.Landry, Jerome [CAN]
372Swart, Jake [CAN]vs.Bussière, Jason [CAN]
371Trahan, Jasmin [CAN]vs.Zahn, Mackenzie [CAN]
370Leonard Huu Nguyen, Ch [CAN]vs.Humphreys, Gwilym [CAN]
369Wilson, Peter [CAN]vs.Lachance, Marc-Antoine [CAN]
368Nolette, Michael [USA]vs.Demers, Francois [CAN]
367Casorso, Joseph [CAN]vs.Gauthier, Samuel [CAN]
366Picard, Vincent [CAN]vs.Heittola, Carl [CAN]
365Tsang Hi, Victor [CAN]vs.Cormier, Marc-Alexandr [CAN]
364Mirehouse, Clayton [CAN]vs.Yee, Jonathan [CAN]
363Kulisz, Chris [CAN]vs.Lavigne, Ghislain [CAN]
362Borowski, Steven [CAN]vs.Simard, Jean-Philippe [CAN]
361Montes, Guillermo [CAN]vs.Lalonde, Jean-Charles [CAN]
360De Luca, Thomas [CAN]vs.Wong-Tremblay, Charles [CAN]
359Lavoie, Martin [CAN]vs.Perez, Dan [CAN]
358Kevis, Jeremy [CAN]vs.Forget, Michael [CAN]
357Margaritis, Logan [CAN]vs.Briand, Philippe [CAN]
356Madill, Jamie [CAN]vs.Jacquet, Christophe [FRA]
355Heuberger, Jack [USA]vs.Boucher, Christopher [CAN]
354Chabot, Karl [CAN]vs.Farmer, Tref [USA]
353Williams, Braedon [USA]vs.Lee, Noah [CAN]
352Pare, Stephane [CAN]vs.McKnight, Alex [CAN]
351Lafenetre, Gael [CAN]vs.Beda, Robert [CAN]
350Petronzio, Nicolas [CAN]vs.Deluney, Shelby [CAN]
349Oleyourryk, Patrick [USA]vs.Colgan, Eric [CAN]
348Boudreau, David [CAN]vs.Filipe, Alex [CAN]
347Morissette, Hugo [CAN]vs.Breau, Chris [CAN]
346Jones, Scott [CAN]vs.Yip, Gary [CAN]
345Fortier, Pierre [CAN]vs.Laflamme, Yanic [CAN]
344Caron, Antoine [CAN]vs.Guerette Trottier, Kar [CAN]
343Lefebvre, Augustin [CAN]vs.Morrill, Ethan [CAN]
342Savoie, Alexandre [CAN]vs.Pineault, William [CAN]
341Dufour, Jimmy [CAN]vs.Scopa, Patrick [CAN]
340Lam, Martin [CAN]vs.Newell, Lauren [USA]
339Fraser Tait, Euan [CAN]vs.Cuttler, William [USA]
338Murray, Adam [CAN]vs.Neary, Nicholas [CAN]
337Raymond, Matthew [USA]vs.Koffler, Richard [CAN]
336Faulkner, Dérick [CAN]vs.Maltais, Pierre-Louis [CAN]
335Pissardo, William [CAN]vs.Lévesque, Dave [CAN]
334Li, Terrence [CAN]vs.Blais, Jean-Philippe [CAN]
333St. Germain, Chris [CAN]vs.Akow, Sacha F [CAN]
332Joseph-Paré, Bertrand [CAN]vs.Brûlé, Simon [CAN]
331Audet, Nicholas [CAN]vs.Watton, Matthew [CAN]
330St-Georges, Eric [CAN]vs.Besner, Max [CAN]
329Leblanc, Kevin [CAN]vs.Dufour, Terrence [CAN]
328Robinson, Andrew [CAN]vs.Doyon, Olivier [CAN]
327Boulay, Nicolas [CAN]vs.Stewart, David [CAN]
326Bourgoin, Stephane [CAN]vs.Marcotte, Guillaume [CAN]
325Ortiz, Luis [USA]vs.Vegh, Michael [CAN]
324Denley, Jake [CAN]vs.McEndree, Bart [CAN]
323Jette, Jonathan [CAN]vs.Fournier, Robin [CAN]
322Bernier, Cyril [CAN]vs.McAloney, Kristopher [CAN]
321Simmons, Keith [CAN]vs.Delanoix, Emmanuel [CAN]
320Ma, Liem [CAN]vs.Gallant, Anthony [CAN]
319Matteau, JeanPhilippe [CAN]vs.Estey, Austin [CAN]
318Soulard, Sally [CAN]vs.Gravel, Kevin [CAN]
317Morin-Martel, Alexis [CAN]vs.Di Lella, Patrick [CAN]
316Torres, Kyle [USA]vs.Stelmack, Andrew [CAN]
315Paré, Cédéric [CAN]vs.Tsoller, Michael [CAN]
314Gilbert, Shaun [CAN]vs.Levesque, Guillaume [CAN]
313Boisvert, Sean [USA]vs.Cadieux, Alex1803 [USA]
312Philipps, Sacha [CAN]vs.Landry, Ulric [CAN]
311Gryn, Maksym [CAN]vs.Leigh, James [CAN]
310Severin, John [CAN]vs.Decarie-Truffer, Jp [CAN]
309Desrosiers, Rafael [CAN]vs.Goupil, Jonathan [CAN]
308Blackborow, Josh [USA]vs.VanSchaik, Brian [CAN]
307Sauvé, Ian [CAN]vs.Cormier, Mario [CAN]
306Joly, Philippe [CAN]vs.Chi, Benjamin [CAN]
305Richards, Derek [USA]vs.Rochon, Jeremy [CAN]
304McLean, Dan [USA]vs.Morgan, Kyle [USA]
303Nolette, Neil [USA]vs.Gill, Miranda [USA]
302Taylor, Heather [CAN]vs.Drolet, Vincent [CAN]
301Lefebvre, Guillaume [CAN]vs.Guiard, Renaud [CAN]
300Andre, Nicolas-Piel [CAN]vs.Newell, Evan [USA]
299Bedard, Raphael [CAN]vs.McElligott, Patrick [CAN]
298Sadler, Patrick [CAN]vs.Merlitti, Bruno [CAN]
297Lanthier, Francis [CAN]vs.Queffurus, Matthias [CAN]
296Lavallee, Jean-Rene [CAN]vs.Goulet, Noemie [CAN]
295Champoux, Francois [CAN]vs.Hulse, Kevin [USA]
294Labonte, Hugo [CAN]vs.De Grâce, Louis-Charle [CAN]
293Fournier, David [CAN]vs.Paske, Logan [CAN]
292Rainville, Benoit [CAN]vs.Huynh, Steve [CAN]
291Francoeur, Richard [CAN]vs.Bacon, Nicolas [CAN]
290Henderson, David [CAN]vs.Piazza, Jon [CAN]
289Duong, Dap [CAN]vs.Morency, Antoine [CAN]
288McMeekin, Scott [CAN]vs.Aghazarian, Kevork [CAN]
287Corbeil, Louis-Philipp [CAN]vs.Johnstone, Ian [CAN]
286Taylor, Dallas [USA]vs.Allegrucci, Thierry [CAN]
285Potvin, Gabriel [CAN]vs.Chenard, François [CAN]
284Hutchinson, Charles [CAN]vs.Darbyshire, Elliott [CAN]
283Poirier, Martin [CAN]vs.Fang, Andrew [CAN]
282Ceh, Tomislav [CAN]vs.Verret, Jonathan [CAN]
281Panniello, Michelle [USA]vs.Laflamme, Martin [CAN]
280Coutu, Nicholas [CAN]vs.Prager, Ryan [CAN]
279Beaudet-Racine, Marc-A [CAN]vs.Malka, Patrick [CAN]
278Parsons, Eric [USA]vs.St-Cyr, Alexandre [CAN]
277Yang, Zilong [CAN]vs.Quevillon, Jonathan [CAN]
276Keith, Joseph C [USA]vs.Audet, Daniel [CAN]
275Beauvais, Tehonerahtat [CAN]vs.Malhotra, Jayanti [CAN]
274McDonald, Shaun [CAN]vs.Picard, Jeremi [CAN]
273Skolnick, Andrew [USA]vs.Showers, Zachary [CAN]
272Fritz, James A [CAN]vs.Cloutier, Olivier [CAN]
271La Rose, Vincent [CAN]vs.Lister, Daniel A [CAN]
270Vazquez, John-Philip [CAN]vs.Tsai, Tony [USA]
269Roberge, Guillaume [CAN]vs.Cribb, Justin [CAN]
268Safaee, Payam [CAN]vs.Normand, Jean-François [CAN]
267Fortier, Samuel [CAN]vs.Massie-Hamel, Nicolas [CAN]
266Lynch, Sean [CAN]vs.Brisebois, Alex [CAN]
265Frontel, Josh [CAN]vs.Lachance, Sébastien [CAN]
264Bourgoin, Zakari [CAN]vs.Berube, Andre [CAN]
263Proulx, Simon [CAN]vs.Kolbuc, Mike [CAN]
262Longo, Tyler [CAN]vs.Secord, Will [CAN]
261Lavigne, Guillaume [CAN]vs.Borawski, Daniel E [USA]
260Trites, Henry [CAN]vs.Carignan, Jason [USA]
259Cavan, Jeremy [CAN]vs.Hardy, Ethan [CAN]
258Brunet, Martin [CAN]vs.McSpurren, Dylan [CAN]
257Boyer, Luc-Alexandre [CAN]vs.Briand, William [CAN]
256Gagne, Sebastien [CAN]vs.Hartt, Mikael [CAN]
255Oleyourryk, Matt [USA]vs.Le Goff, Alexandre [CAN]
254Rioux, Martin [CAN]vs.Seguin, Desiree [CAN]
253Guay, Alexandre [CAN]vs.Perreault, Elliot [CAN]
252Lach, Sigismond [CAN]vs.Robert, Marie-Ève [CAN]
251Cote, Samuel [CAN]vs.Vandal, Marc-Olivier [CAN]
250De Jong, John [CAN]vs.Bernier, Francis [CAN]
249Gagnon, Gabriel [CAN]vs.Brosseau, Alexis [CAN]
248Miron, Yohan [CAN]vs.Ouyang, Bo [CAN]
247Bouchard, Félix [CAN]vs.Preda, Ciprian [CAN]
246Meyer Odell, Tristan [CAN]vs.Isaac, Eli [CAN]
245Measures, Jeff [CAN]vs.Tondreau-Alin, Charles [CAN]
244Dion, Marc-Antoine [CAN]vs.Yoakim, Sébastien [CAN]
243Herrera, Ricardo [CAN]vs.Young, Matthew [CAN]
242Bellefeuille, Philippe [CAN]vs.Drouin, Vincent [CAN]
241Brouillet, Jean-Luc [USA]vs.Jacobs, Joshua [CAN]
240Green, David [CAN]vs.Green, Jeff [USA]
239Huang, Andy [CAN]vs.Kestenberg, Lee [CAN]
238Woodworth, Hudson [CAN]vs.Antoine, Luc [CAN]
237Hussein, Tariq [USA]vs.Kiefer, Quinn [USA]
236Waksman, Adam [USA]vs.Provençal, Edith [CAN]
235Soucie, Ryan [CAN]vs.Savard, Jean-Philippe [CAN]
234Gushattey, Jared M [CAN]vs.Ko, Eric [CAN]
233Allen, Jonathan [USA]vs.Vance, James [CAN]
232Gauthier, Eric [CAN]vs.Dupuis, Mireille [CAN]
231McMullan, Jason [USA]vs.Cantin, Lawrence [CAN]
230Bradbury, Wayne [CAN]vs.Albanese, Nicolas [CAN]
229Matchim, Jeff [CAN]vs.Tsontakis, Strato [CAN]
228Ip, Jonathan [CAN]vs.Batista, Alex [CAN]
227Shaw, Adam [USA]vs.Hill, Kevin [CAN]
226Hagemeyer, Chistopher [CAN]vs.Couture, Félix [CAN]
225Hiew, Mitsuko [CHE]vs.Roy, Frederick [CAN]
224Le, Thi Xuan Thu [CAN]vs.Cusson, Marc-Olivier [CAN]
223Roy, Marc-André1965 [CAN]vs.Hong, Sung Pyo [CAN]
222Kim, Yun [USA]vs.Smith, Ceilidh [CAN]
221Kunkel, Jeremy [CAN]vs.Ferner, Rob [CAN]
220Moreno, John [CAN]vs.Dugal, Andrew [CAN]
219Dubreuil, Patrice [CAN]vs.Lockhart, Joe [CAN]
218Ouellet, Vincent3489 [CAN]vs.Angers, Marc [CAN]
217Grenier, Julien [CAN]vs.Cappellani, Aaron [CAN]
216Sheridan, Luke [CAN]vs.Bourdeau, Jonathan [CAN]
215Hockney, Justin [CAN]vs.Capstick, Keith [CAN]
214Holness, Devaghat B [CAN]vs.Desjardins, Nicolas [CAN]
213Crete, Gaston [CAN]vs.Zuo, Zhou [CAN]
212Fortier, Benoit [CAN]vs.Gutwin-Hosat, Emma [CAN]
211Duval, Rémi [CAN]vs.Kolbuc, Trevor [CAN]
210Dionne, Samuel [CAN]vs.Legault, Antonin [CAN]
209Iriyama, Daiki [CAN]vs.Duff, Cassandra [CAN]
208Hubber, Rick [CAN]vs.Proteau, Yannic [CAN]
207Gagnon, Marc [CAN]vs.Fraser, Sean [CAN]
206Ellsworth, Hunter [USA]vs.Dimiduk, Ellen [USA]
205Potvin, Guillaume [CAN]vs.Dumais Allain, Hugo [CAN]
204Leblanc, René [CAN]vs.Barker, James [CAN]
203Mallette-Vanier, Guill [CAN]vs.Lyons-McAlpin, John-Fr [CAN]
202Evangelho, Ricardo [CAN]vs.Hughes, Tiffany [CAN]
201Tondreau, Jasmin [CAN]vs.Kirwan, Stephen [USA]
200Morin, Bruno-Pier [CAN]vs.Amistad, Andrew [CAN]
199Liao, Anne [CAN]vs.Tourloukis, Christophe [USA]
198Rivard, Maxime [CAN]vs.Gilbert, Noah [USA]
197Dhaliwal, Shawn [CAN]vs.Pelletier, Lucas [CAN]
196Ho, Scott [CAN]vs.Paquin, Sebastien [CAN]
195Roussie, Shane [CAN]vs.Dorey, Andrew [CAN]
194Tremblay, Sabryna [CAN]vs.Bliss, Jacob [USA]
193Schwartz, Gregory [USA]vs.Auger, Maxime [CAN]
192Jetté, Francis [CAN]vs.Neveu, Pierre Antoine [CAN]
191Gauthier, Martin-Eric [CAN]vs.Chatel, Cedric [CAN]
190Smithers, Alex [CAN]vs.Gingras, Martin [CAN]
189Lavigne, Mario [CAN]vs.Bucaro, Nicolas [CAN]
188Conway, Mikhael [CAN]vs.Conrad, Cory [CAN]
187Baril, Marc-Antoine [CAN]vs.Anderson, Robert [CAN]
186Dery, Jonathan [CAN]vs.Dai, Wei [CAN]
185Offord, Andrew [CAN]vs.Seguin, Shawn [CAN]
184Normand, Samuel [CAN]vs.Maindron, Guillaume [CAN]
183Johnson, Andrew [USA]vs.Fine, David [CAN]
182Gagnon-Dufour, Joseph [CAN]vs.Laflamme, Patrick [CAN]
181Cohen, Alexander [CAN]vs.Timmings, Kimberley [CAN]
180Garant-Rousseau, Guill [CAN]vs.Fisher, Craig [CAN]
179Ciappetta, Fred [USA]vs.Root, Wesley [CAN]
178Langlois, Marc [CAN]vs.Angeles, Eduardo [CAN]
177Ryan, Brett [CAN]vs.McKenney, Bill [CAN]
176Helguero, Marcos [CAN]vs.Demers, Alexis [CAN]
175Brennan, Daniel [CAN]vs.Leavens, Penuel [USA]
174Gray, Andrew [CAN]vs.Leclerc-O'Leary, matth [CAN]
173Pomerleau, Frédéric [CAN]vs.Waters, Adam [CAN]
172Sherren, Kevin [CAN]vs.Poulin, Anthony [CAN]
171Wang, Tian He [CAN]vs.Lizotte, Charles-Édoua [CAN]
170So, Justin [CAN]vs.Labiche, Trevor [CAN]
169Chen, Simon [CAN]vs.Briand, Wayne [CAN]
168Danis, Chris [USA]vs.Andrews, Theo [CAN]
167Boivin, François [CAN]vs.Todd, Andrew [CAN]
166Bernard, Matthew R [CAN]vs.McCutcheon, Jordan [USA]
165Betit, Jean-Francois [CAN]vs.Monahan, Justin [CAN]
164Marion, Daniel [CAN]vs.Obrascovs, Felix [CAN]
163Dixon, Robert [USA]vs.Kagian, Stephan [CAN]
162Oberman, Michael [CAN]vs.McCliment, Michael [CAN]
161Pelletier, Martin [CAN]vs.Bastien, Jonathan [CAN]
160Briss, Boris [CAN]vs.Dimiduk, Jeff [USA]
159Maltais, Marc-andré [CAN]vs.Charron, Jean-Philippe [CAN]
158Fang, Patrick [CAN]vs.Clackdoyle, Duncan [CAN]
157Drouin, Adam [CAN]vs.Samson, Louis-Alex [CAN]
156Min, Jian [CHN]vs.Macpherson, Stewart [CAN]
155Bathurst, Scott [CAN]vs.Grier, Genevieve [CAN]
154Schulz, Brendan [CAN]vs.Jiao, Fucheng [CAN]
153Lacelle, Olivier [CAN]vs.Huot, Jonathan [CAN]
152Lamothe, Phillip [CAN]vs.Stoker, Rex [USA]
151Sheres, Evan [CAN]vs.Poirier Audet, Thomas [CAN]
150Demaine, Cory [CAN]vs.Svitkine, Alexei [CAN]
149Yung, Phil [CAN]vs.Garand, Kevin [CAN]
148Pelletier, Francois [CAN]vs.Joyal, Martin [CAN]
147Lessard, Guy [CAN]vs.Noel-Boulet, Kim [CAN]
146Freedman, Kevin [CAN]vs.Brunet, Vincent2850 [CAN]
145Tsigounis, Thomas [CAN]vs.Applegate, Daniel [USA]
144Pike, Jeffrey [CAN]vs.Clementino, Kyle [CAN]
143Pezzati, Gram [USA]vs.Molnar, Scott [CAN]
142Nelson, Shea [USA]vs.Ranger, Oliver [CAN]
141Saunders, Jordan [CAN]vs.Fazio, Andrew [CAN]
140Gagnon, Louis [CAN]vs.Crawford, Shamus [CAN]
139Miller, Andrew [USA]vs.Egashira, Kenji [USA]
138Smelovsky, Nathan [CAN]vs.Rousseau-Laliberté, Xa [CAN]
137Watts, Andrew [USA]vs.Engelhart, Erich [USA]
136Perras, Santana [CAN]vs.Remillard, Michel [CAN]
135Drolet, Jerome [CAN]vs.Trudel, Hugo [CAN]
134Bernier, Marc-André [CAN]vs.Brassard, Pierre-Luc [CAN]
133Jort, Elias [USA]vs.Pinheiro, Steve [CAN]
132Samuel-Thomassin, Fran [CAN]vs.Charron Carrier, Maxim [CAN]
131Turk, Veronica [USA]vs.Roth, Philippe [CAN]
130Skolnick, Avery [USA]vs.Beauregard, Benoit [CAN]
129Gebel, Gergo [CAN]vs.Blesso, Marc [USA]
128Hamel, Julien [CAN]vs.Bruce, Andrea [CAN]
127Bui, Lance [CAN]vs.Asik, Nick [CAN]
126Labelle, Chris [CAN]vs.Farmer, Aiden [USA]
125Calcagni, Lucas [USA]vs.Loblaw, Ian [CAN]
124Martineau, Robert [CAN]vs.Huot, Michael [CAN]
123Farmer, Jennifer [USA]vs.Pissardo, Benoit [CAN]
122Cousin, Gautier [CAN]vs.Vance, Michael [CAN]
121Cabal, Vincent [CAN]vs.Giard, Yanick [CAN]
120Peterson, Jeffrey [CAN]vs.Packard, Logan [CAN]
119Chabot, David [CAN]vs.Pigeon, Jeffrey [CAN]
118Legris, Stephane [CAN]vs.Allen, Max [CAN]
117Mendes, Joaquim [CAN]vs.Côté-Campbell, Mathieu [CAN]
116Herberman, Erin [CAN]vs.Le, Tian [CAN]
115Tremblay, Jonathan [CAN]vs.Beaulieu, Keven [CAN]
114Ponton, Sebastuen [CAN]vs.Gagnon, Eric [CAN]
113Desaulniers, Charles [CAN]vs.Gauthier, Sebastien [CAN]
112Carlton, Nolan [USA]vs.Reid, Justin [USA]
111Turgeon, Stephan [CAN]vs.Cormier, Jean-Hugues [CAN]
110Yoo, Edmond [CAN]vs.Lachance, Jonathan [CAN]
109Doré, Maxime [CAN]vs.Mallen, Jesse [CAN]
108Bastos, Russell [CAN]vs.Flamand, Jérémie [CAN]
107Dixon, Caleb [USA]vs.Cutler, Nate R [CAN]
106Fequet, Louis [CAN]vs.Michaud, Frederic [CAN]
105B. Perrault, Jean-Fran [CAN]vs.Gélinas-Proulx, Adam [CAN]
104Luneau, Anthony [USA]vs.Roy, Philippe [CAN]
103Saulnier, Nicolas [CAN]vs.Vachon, Jonathan [CAN]
102Gascon, Jean-Francois [CAN]vs.Macaulay, Casper [CAN]
101Racine Leblanc, Samuel [CAN]vs.Quintin, Patrice [CAN]
100Koo, Raymond [CAN]vs.Bishop, David [CAN]
99Wolman, Joshua [CAN]vs.Smith, Greg [CAN]
98Edgar, Dylan [CAN]vs.Paquet, Christian [CAN]
97Latour, Jonathan [CAN]vs.Peers, Jennifer [USA]
96Massie-Hamel, Antoine [CAN]vs.Beaupre, Jonathan [CAN]
95Annan, Travers [CAN]vs.Keesler, Matt [USA]
94Orts, Zachary [USA]vs.Bélanger, Vincent [CAN]
93Sabban, Karim [CAN]vs.Provençal, Gabriel [CAN]
92Hickey, Jared [CAN]vs.Markham, John [USA]
91Daigle, Carl-Francis [CAN]vs.Houlihan, Dylan [CAN]
90Hughes, Tim [CAN]vs.Seigman, Dan J [USA]
89Berthomieu, Sylvain [CAN]vs.Renaud, Sébastien [CAN]
88Janssen, Scott [CAN]vs.Brunet, Carine [CAN]
87Michaux, Sebastien [CAN]vs.Marcotte, Jacques [CAN]
86Arthur, Patrick [CAN]vs.Zeeman, Michael [CAN]
85Gagne, Vincent [CAN]vs.Poaps, Andrew [CAN]
84Dixon, Kevin [CAN]vs.Brunet, Vincent8214 [CAN]
83Dang Quang, Hien [CAN]vs.Alvarez Rangel, Noe [CAN]
82Tessis, Eduardo [CAN]vs.Thiesson, Corantin [CAN]
81Kissel, Eric [CAN]vs.Bonneville, Martin [CAN]
80Ouellet, Antoine [CAN]vs.Guérette, Simon [CAN]
79Gioffre, Hernan [CAN]vs.Janssen, Gabriel [CAN]
78Desmarais, Craig [CAN]vs.Dallaire, David [CAN]
77Hamel, Simon [CAN]vs.Beda, Jack [CAN]
76Lessard, Steve [CAN]vs.Garceau, Veronique [CAN]
75Spall, Nathan [CAN]vs.Cullerton, Evan [USA]
74De Sandro, Timothee [CAN]vs.Williams, Connor [USA]
73Rodrigue Poulin, Marc [CAN]vs.Tom, Winston [CAN]
72To, Matthew [CAN]vs.Smart, Trevor [CAN]
71Lau, Benson [CAN]vs.Cavan, Rufus [CAN]
70Morneau, Martin [CAN]vs.Alarie, Christophe [CAN]
69Presser, Liam [USA]vs.Chabot, Dominique [CAN]
68Gravel, Gabriel [CAN]vs.Cayouette, Serge-Olivi [CAN]
67Chin, Dustin [CAN]vs.Ross-Latour, Jérémie [CAN]
66Babin, Francis [CAN]vs.Johnson, Brendon [USA]
65Gagnon, Jean-Philippe [CAN]vs.Branson, Kevin [CAN]
64Durocher, Vincent [CAN]vs.Winter, John [CAN]
63Le Dû, Benjamin [CAN]vs.Sher, Adam [CAN]
62Henderson, Steve [CAN]vs.Pissardo, Jonathan [CAN]
61Cayer, Jason [CAN]vs.Belanger, Patrick [CAN]
60Tattrie, Bill [CAN]vs.Wagenhoffer, Robert [CAN]
59Bentley, Johnathan [CAN]vs.Trusiak, Gregory [CAN]
58Senneville, Raphael [CAN]vs.Chang, Richard [CAN]
57Gertridge, Levi [CAN]vs.Thibault, Stéphane [CAN]
56Davis, Fletcher Bryce [CAN]vs.Fradette-Dufour, Jimmy [CAN]
55Lesser, Jake [USA]vs.Yu, William [CAN]
54Roy, Marc-André2163 [CAN]vs.Cox-Hurst, Phillip [CAN]
53Amar, Selim [CAN]vs.Hier, David [CAN]
52Goorts, Christopher [CAN]vs.Boulay, Jérémy [CAN]
51Switzer, Wesley [CAN]vs.Daniel, Eric [CAN]
50Chap, Alexandre [CAN]vs.Santacruz, Juan [USA]
49Thiesson, Gaetan [CAN]vs.Dicaire, Dan [CAN]
48McHarg-Aymont, Jason [CAN]vs.England, Jonathan [CAN]
47Simms, Matthew [CAN]vs.Boucher, Rob R [CAN]
46Jackson, Daniel [USA]vs.Hootsmans, Jan [CAN]
45Sauve, Jacques Olivier [CAN]vs.Lachance, Félix [CAN]
44McCarrell, Jason [CAN]vs.Marchesano, Ernest [USA]
43Smith, April [CAN]vs.Tedeschi, Joey [CAN]
42Volclair, Cyrille [CAN]vs.Millette Gauthier, Fra [CAN]
41Sylvester, Robert [CAN]vs.Polyakov, Alexander [USA]
40Kirwan, John [USA]vs.Carbray, Steve [CAN]
39Vincent, Dominic [CAN]vs.Dupuis, Patrick [CAN]
38Foré, Mitch [CAN]vs.Labelle, Alexandre [CAN]
37De Zoysa, Eranga [CAN]vs.Pichette, Charles [CAN]
36Brown, Duncan [CAN]vs.Ardizzone, Tom [CAN]
35Donst, Aaron [CAN]vs.Pilotte, Charles-Andre [CAN]
34Laplante, Ryan [CAN]vs.Hawkins, Andrew [USA]
33Brossard, William [CAN]vs.Bakker, Jonathan [USA]
32Worrall, Ryan [CAN]vs.Wang, Tian Yi [CAN]
31Marchand, Simon [CAN]vs.Di Loreto, Anthony [CAN]
30Deniger, Arnaud [CAN]vs.Kang, Eugene [CAN]
29Elarar, Jay [CAN]vs.Ramboz, Emmanuel [CAN]
28Kennerknecht, Matthew [CAN]vs.cavaliere, vince [CAN]
27Gingras, Gabriel [CAN]vs.Rivard, Joanie [CAN]
26Fortin, Christian R [CAN]vs.Plante, Marc-Olivier [CAN]
25Cote, Stephane [CAN]vs.Hamel, Olivier [CAN]
24Pepin, Alain [USA]vs.Morelli, Mike [CAN]
23Whelan, Stephen [CAN]vs.Geoffrion, Sébastien [CAN]
22Kershaw, Matthew A [CAN]vs.Chin, Steve [CAN]
21Merson, Hugh [CAN]vs.Goodland, Taylor [USA]
20Cote, Nicolas [CAN]vs.Suys, Marc [CAN]
19Mowry, Matthew [USA]vs.Cannons, Matthew [CAN]
18Klein, Conal [CAN]vs.Carama Duchesne, Patri [CAN]
17Rzeszut, David [USA]vs.Muzio, Timothy [USA]
16Rodier, Francois [CAN]vs.Blais Bourget, Gabriel [CAN]
15Maratta, Samuel [CAN]vs.Bourdeau, Julien [CAN]
14Sadler, Shawn [CAN]vs.Tang, Daniel [CAN]
13Provost, Jonathan [CAN]vs.Matthews, Mark [CAN]
12Kaplow, Robert [CAN]vs.Schnayer, Tobias [CAN]
11Fadden, Colleen [USA]vs.Mohns, Ashton [CAN]
10Normand, Ryan W [USA]vs.Boghen, David [CAN]
9Fortier, Michaël [CAN]vs.Conca, Jon [USA]
8Taggett, Jacob [CAN]vs.Lucini, Stefano Maria [CAN]
7Lemay Zekri, Nicolas [CAN]vs.Cohen, Matthew [USA]
6Fracchioni, Chris [CAN]vs.Monh, Christopher [CAN]
5Arab, Alexander [CAN]vs.Marshall, Craig [CAN]
4Sher, Mason [CAN]vs.Mahon, Scott [CAN]
3Howatt, Shane [CAN]vs.Frank, Aubrey [CAN]
2Chin, Jerry-Patrick [USA]vs.Beaupré, Luc-Alain [CAN]
1Bassma, Kamal [USA]vs.Gervais, Nicolas [CAN]
Le Gendre, Randy [CAN] * BYE *
Abela, Andrew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Archambault, Julien [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bain, Scott [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Baker, Ryan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Barrieau, Dominic [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Beaudry Auger, Nicolas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Belanger, Maxim [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Belleau, Casimir [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bergeron, Julien [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Blakley, Thomas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Blanchette, Jamie [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bold Wark, Lewis [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Boucher-Frappier, Andr [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bourque, Bobby [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Browning, Richard [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Buchanan, Jessica [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bugalter, Ben [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Burke, Matthew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Calcagni, Deane [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Calcano, Christian [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cameron, Shaun [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cheng, Nicholas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cheung, Tom [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Chin, Ricky [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cotrupe, Matthew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Couillard, Francis [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Couture, Jean-Philippe [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cuthbert, Em [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cyrenne, Mathieu [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Darmouni, Guillaume [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Dziambor, William [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Elenbogen, Andrew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Faludi, Michael [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Fortin, Alexandre [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Friedman, Samuel [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fung, Kenny [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Geady, Sam [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gendron, Marc-Olivier [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Giannopoulos, Steve [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gibeault, Gilles [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Giles, Devon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gordon, Andrew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Grenier, Melissa [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Guay-Provost, Philippe [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Guilbert, Nelson [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Hooper, Kyle [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Imery, Jesus [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Jaramillo, Blaven [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Kambourakis, Joseph [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Keeffe, Stephen [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Kostas, Steven [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Krempels, Craig [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lapierre, Matt [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lepine, Tomy [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Li, Eric [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lombardi, Robert [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lussier, Alexandre [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
MacFarlane, Kate [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Majlaton, Alex [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mariani, Johnny [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Marti, Samuel [CHE] * Awarded Bye *
Martin, Philippe [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Massicotte, Mathieu [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mayer, Manuel [DEU] * Awarded Bye *
McLaughlin, Morgan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
McVety, Max [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mermet, Olivier [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mondello, Jake [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Morin, Jean-Christophe [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Morozov, Kirill [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mulloy, Joshua [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Nakamura, Shuhei [JPN] * Awarded Bye *
Neff, Joe [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Ngo, Alan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Nguyen, Lan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Oh, Inn [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Omar-Bujak, Hakim [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Pangman, Rob [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Parente, Tanner [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Payot, Mathieu [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Pileggi, Riccardo [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Pineault, Mark [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Pite, Derek [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Poupart, Olivier [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Reno, Dominique [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Robinson, Denys [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Roy, Vincent [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Rubin, Will [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Sacino, Joey [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Savery, Theron [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Schambier, Simon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Schnayer, David [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Shivji, Qail [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Siow, Lucas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Song, John [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Stark, Benjamin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Stein, Mathew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Stern, Jon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Storey, Derek [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Sullivan, Adrian [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Swaluk, Jeffrey [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Taimla, Christopher [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Thibeault, Vincent [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Thompson, Kale [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tierney, Greg [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Ting-A-Kee, Andrew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Titizian, Sam [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Traikov, Erik [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tran, Simon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tremblay, Martin [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tryggestad, David [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Tucker, Jeff [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Turner, Michael [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Turpin, Jacques [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
(5) Turtenwald, Owen [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Villeneuve, Christian [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Wallerstein, Robert [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Warkentin, Colby [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Wieczorek, Patrick [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Wu, Gavin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Yam, Wing Chun [HKG] * Awarded Bye *
Asselin-Nguyen, Philip [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Béland, Nicolas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Berry, Mike [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Calce, Christopher [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Carino, Joseph [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Couture, Mathieu [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cox, Patrick [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cragnoline, Peter [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Doshi, Vishvas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dunkelman, Steven [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Egolf, Michael [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fabi, Francois [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Fournier, Daniel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Freel, Dan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gareau, Philippe [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Giuliani, Lucas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Grourke, Vincent [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Henry, Brenton [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Herman, Jason [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Ioerger, Roderick [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jacobson, Mark [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jansen, Adam [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jetha, David [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Johnson, Courtney [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Killeen, Tristan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kofsky, Robert [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Krangel, Eric [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lavergne, Marc-Andre [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lazaro, Andrew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
LeBLanc, Bobby [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lee, Jeffrey [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Leon Valencia, Francis [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Levesque, Marc-Andre [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Maynard, Pascal [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Murphy, Justin [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Nass, Matthew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nguyen, Thien [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Oliver, Neal [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Patel, Hemant [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Plourde, Nicolas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Poindexter, Stephen [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Roberts, Nick [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Robidoux, Marc-André [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Rouleau, Pierre-Olivie [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Sacks, Neal [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Schaaf, Chris [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Siembor, Michael [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Sigrist, Mike [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Simon, Michael [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Smith, Brenda [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Taylor, Dustin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Tenjum, Andrew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Tremblay, Sebastien [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tremblay, Etienne [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Vaughan, Robert [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Weber, Ethan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Weitz, Benjamin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Wiegersma, Jelger [BRA] * Awarded Bye *
Yurchick, Adam [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Armstrong, Tristan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Boffo, Jake [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Breau, Josh [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Buchanan, Nathan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Camara, Aj [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Caux, Jean-Sebastien [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Comber, Jonathon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
(19) Duke, Reid [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Gagnon, Marc-Andre [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gilison, Daniel [USA] * Awarded Bye *
(24) Hayne, Alexander [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
(15) Jensen, William [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kiefer, Jack [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kiefer, Lucas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kwan, Philip [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Laroche, François [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
(7) Lax, Ari [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lemmon, Andrew [KOR] * Awarded Bye *
Maguire, Douglas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mazzurco, Christopher [USA] * Awarded Bye *
(9) McLaren, Shaun [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Proano, Gina [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Richard, Francois [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Ruston, Richard [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Smith, Warren [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
(12) Utter-Leyton, Josh [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Whelan, Lawrence [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Yamasaki, Shogo [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Ali, Rebecca [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Reardon, Justin [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
(20) Cuneo, Andrew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Moulton, Jesse [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Egli, Walter [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nelson, Dan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jao, Jeff [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Moir, Ben [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Ravitz, Joshua [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fabiano, Gerard [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Benn, Adam [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tom, Kar Yung [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Malenda, Derik [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ellis, Jason [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pettipas, Amber [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Betesh, Ralph [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Smith, Nathaniel [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mercier, Maxime [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Roy, Nicolas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Plamondon, Brandon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lu, Garry [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Asselin, Frédéric [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Wong, Wilson [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tse, Felix [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Culligan, Michael [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Rowe, Jonathan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Hum, Barry [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Biron, Xavier [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Hebert, Justin [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Goldfarb, David [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Istfan, Raeef [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Noworaj, Andrew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Ho, Eugene [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Schapurga, Mike [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gifford, Sean [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tetley, Brett [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mackenzie, Ronald [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Schapurga, Kyle [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cooper, Stacey [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Kenmire, Ryan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lau, Toby [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Chouinard, Yann-Alexan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lozinski, Daniel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lacombe, Mathieu [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Elder, Dylan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Teigesser, Jon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Li, Yuanji [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Zhang, Peter [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Reiber, Zachary [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Vairamuthu, Jason [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Butterfield, Nathaniel [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ward, Dan R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Goyet, Jean-Philippe [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Sachlas, Peter [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lyrette, Styve [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Sherry, Michael A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ripley, Tim [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Laforest, Adam M [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Larochelle, Francis [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tiu, Oliver [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Do, Thanh Quang [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Heard, Keith [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Murphy, Matthew J [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bisson, Stephane A [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Wells, Venu [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Hawron, Richard C [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Seguin, Alexandre [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Walker, Adam T [USA] * Awarded Bye *
St-Laurent, Jerome [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Sinopoli, Bradley [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Boutin, Jon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Boutin, Nathaniel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Walker, Austin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lane, Mikael m [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Casselman, Jeffrey [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Johnson, James [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Johnson, Case [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Asselin, Erick [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Yane, Daniel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gorecki-Kuzma, Alexand [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
B. Laberge, Vincent [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Leung, Alfred [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Nightingale, Tyler [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Chang, Morgan M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
(17) Rubin, Steve [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Beldon, Omar [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Naylor, Jamie M [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
(22) Wescoe, Craig D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Laskar, David [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Holt, Grayson [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Dunn, Payne [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Berry, Evan C [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Hoang, Sau [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Stone, Jeffrey f [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Chow, Matt [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Clarke, Mike [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Speight, Kevin [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Hemsley, Matt [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
DiCara, Mike [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Holiday, Nathan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Villeneuve, Sebastien [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tharmaratnam, Samuel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Blum, Tyler [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Skarren, Frank [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Toussaint, Francis [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Pyka, Jeffrey [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Rong, Kei [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fraser, Alex [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Feingersh, Ben [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Leahy, Nicholas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Penny, Jack [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Rochette, Alex [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Friedman, Edan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Pearson, Dennis [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Crisafulli, Anthony [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Hirmiz, Fadi [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Wintle, David [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bishop, Eric [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Anctil, Kevin [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Ledvinka, David [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Pardee, Samuel [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Wildes, Julian [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Phillips, Matthew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Johnson-Epstein, Jaspe [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bekmesian, Chris [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Hennick, Michael [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Macdonald, Dan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Friedman, Ben [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Merriam, Ross [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Delano, Jonathan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ingram, Peter [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Taylor, Joshua [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Van Leeuwen, Andrew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Forget, Alexandre [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bradford, Harry [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bokser, Rory [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Courville, Frederick [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Desjardins, Ivan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
(10) Wilson, Jacob [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Titov, Gregory [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lebeau, Jonathan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Beauchemin, Samuel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Kong, Colin [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Nilsson, Daniel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Repta, Joel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Patel, Tariq [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Robdrup, Andy [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cadieux, Alexandre4750 [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Wong, Matthew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Chan, Philip [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Allegrucci, Xavier [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Pine, Michael [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lloyd, Alex [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Garraud, Monique [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Allan, Dane [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Victor, Adam [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Vidal-Lessard, Thomas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Damien, Francois [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Demers, Hugo [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gelelrt, Kyle [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lanthier, Dan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Magalhaes, Edgar [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Sandrin, Ryan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Boisvert, Raphael [CAN] * Awarded Bye *

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