Semifinal: Jelger Wiegersma vs. David Goldfarb

Posted in Event Coverage on July 6, 2015

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

“So you’re chasing Worlds?” David Goldfarb asked Jelger Wiegersma as they shuffled up for their first game.

“Yeah, I guess.” Was all Wiegersma offered back with a smile. It was hard not to like a player like Wiegersma, an affable and relaxed member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame. While Goldfarb was excited to talk about “the best deck [he] had ever drafted” Wiegersma was content to quietly focus on the basics.

His aggressive deck did the talking anyway at the start of the first game, though he was slowed by Dromoka Captain and Silkwrap. Mardu Scout filled the attack hole until Sandlast answered it from Goldfarb. Frontier Mastodon was next from Wiegersma but Goldfarb began to grow his forces wider. Sandcrafter Mage put a +1/+1 counter on a morph – Stratus Dancer that countered Fierce Invocation – but Wiegersma attacked anyway. Center Soul countered a critical Pinion Feast that turned Wiegersma’s powerful attack into trading away most of his creatures.

Other tricks followed but the 4/3 Stratus Dancer was joined by Cunning Breezedancer (that fell to Press the Advantage in a block), and when Aven Surveyor hit for Goldfarb it was enough time for him to finish the job.

Jelger Wiegersma needed to even the score quickly. He did just that.

The second game was similar, Wiegersma swinging out quickly with Zurgo Bellstriker, Dragon Fodder, and Thunderbreak Regent. Brutal Hordechief appeared for the Hall of Fame player as well, putting Wiegersma far ahead. Goldfarb had five Plains and only Champion of Arashin in play. Sandblast finally killed the Thunderbreak Regent, but it dropped Goldfarb to 5 life. A Vaultbreaker on dash tipped the damage just enough for Wiegersma to close the door. The game was over in a blink.

“You need to pick up the pace,” the table judge said as both players laughed.

The third game featured a fast start by Goldfarb: Lightwalker into Sandsteppe Outcast for a 1/1 flying Spirit token. Silkwrap again answered Wiegersma’s early morph, through Thunderbreak Regent looked to be a more solid follow up: Goldfarb couldn’t attack through it for several turns.

Feral Krushok added to the beef on Wiegersma’s side as Goldfarb just expanded his army. Both sides moved into a stalemate looking to break the other. Stratus Dancer stopped a Roast for Goldfarb’s Dromoka Captain, and Aven Surveyor made an opening for Goldfarb’s fliers to attack Wiegersma for 8 damage.

David Goldfarb was pleased with his deck, counting it among the best he’d ever drafted in the format.

At 5 life Wiegersma needed to answer – or block – a lot of flying and a lot of other creatures on the ground. Vaultbreaker attacked and discarded Brutal Hordechief before Regent was replayed, but Goldfarb had enough to attack back through with everything regardless.

David Goldfarb defeated Jelger Wiegersma 2-1 to advance to the finals!

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