Setting the stage in Montreal

Posted in Event Coverage on July 30, 2016

By Corbin Hosler

There is so much going on this weekend it can be hard to keep track of it all. The premier play debut of Eldritch Moon. Three Grand Prix across three continents. World Championship races playing out all over. Players chasing down all-important pro points.

Here's just a few of the storylines we're tracking in Montreal.

Eldritch Moon makes its debut

Magic's newest set has delighted fans with its gripping story of Eldrazi (we all join Emrakul in the end), and now players have their first opportunity to play with cards from the set for the first time. Both the Sealed and Draft formats have been shaken up by the return of the Eldrazi, and we're seeing a ton of unique games being played out across the room as players explore the new mechanics from the set.

The triple Grand Prix weekend is also a test run for the Pro Tour next week. For the handful of players including Paul Dean who decided to battle in Montreal this weekend rather than travel across the pond early for Grand Prix Sydney, this weekend is an invaluable first look at the set in premier play.

Hundreds of players arrived in Montreal to play this weekend, eager to battle with Eldritch Moon.

Top players chasing goals

As players across the world desperately hope to accomplish their end-of-season goals, there are several big names competing in Montreal who didn't leave for Australia. David Williams is in attendance, as is Hall of Fame hopeful and renowned Limited master Rich Hoaen. Two-time Grand Prix winner Frank Skarren has made a rare appearance. Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar Top 8 competitor Paul Dean is battling this weekend.

There's another fan favorite in attendance, and he's coming in confident.

Pikula is chasing the last handful of pro points he needs to become Hall of Fame eligible again, and a deep run in Montreal could give him that chance. With so much at stake across the world this weekend, there's plenty to follow, not to mention the hundreds of hopefuls in Montreal hoping to earn the title of Grand Prix champion!

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