Thanks to Norman Woods’ insane green/red deck with Overrun, Centaur Chieftain and three Arcane Teachings, Eric James' double Butchers, and Kyle Rose's blue/white deck with a splash of green for Phantom Nishoba, The Jokas beat Illuminati 2-1 to claim the title of Grand Prix New Jersey Champions. As if that wasn't good enough, they are also headed for the Masters Series in Venice when March rolls around, and will have the chance to earn more money and glory.


top 4 bracket


(1) The Jokas

(4) Lovespell

(2) Illuminati

(3) Team Cardshark


The Jokas, 3-0

Illuminati, 2-1


The Jokas, 2-1

Quick Interview (archive)

"What's the best movie you've seen lately?"

Brian Davis: Vanilla Sky, but *insert spoilers here* Eric Taylor: Memento Brian Hacker: Enter: the Dragon




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