Posted in GRAND PRIX NEW JERSEY 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on November 16, 2014

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

Without a doubt the most exciting card to enter Legacy from Khans of Tarkir was Treasure Cruise. The deceptive eight mana sorcery fit right into decks that didn't have any use for spent spells. Using delve to turn the graveyard into a new resource, Treasure Cruise typically calls for just one blue mana from a land to fire.

It's dangerously similar to Ancestral Recall at that point.

Coming into the weekend the potency of Treasure Cruise had been vetted at several Legacy events, including Eternal Weekend's Legacy winning decklist. While other Khans of Tarkir cards have helped budge Legacy in new ways, none have outshined what Treasure Cruise did in so little time.

So we asked a simple question: Are you cruisin' or are you bruisin' this weekend?

Reid Duke, the No. 4-ranked player, multiple Grand Prix winner, and Pro Tour Magic 2015 Top 8 contender, had a thorough answer.

"I am bruising," Duke admitted. "Playing three Dig Through Times in the deck, but no Treasure Cruises."

Is Treasure Cruise the real deal? "It's the real deal. It's really, really good. It's not going anywhere," Duke said. "You should either be playing Treasure Cruise or doing something really special to beat it – some kind of totally alternative way to approaching the game. I think it would be a mistake to play a non-Treasure Cruise creature deck, but something like an Ancient Tomb-Chalice of the Void deck or some deck that made good use of main deck Leyline of the Void. It's got to be some way that you're not playing right into their game."

Ari Lax, the No. 6-ranked player, winner of Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir, and the 2013 Legacy Championship winner, had a different take.

"Definitely cruising," Lax said with a grin. "I kept playing all the other decks and they had problems. I played the Treasure Cruise deck and I didn't have problems. I keep wining and my opponents keep dying."

So what would it take to pull Lax off the steamboat to value town? "If there was a way to make the other decks a consistent as Treasure Cruise decks while maintaining the same power level of Treasure Cruise decks, sure." Lax's requirement sounded like a tall order. "The deck I'm playing with like Storm with Delver. Blue-Red Dlever is not your traditional aggro-tempo deck; it's this high velocity combo deck. It's not close to fair Magic."

Jacob Wilson, the No. 13-ranked player and member of the Grand Prix Nashville-winning team, had different thoughts about Blue-Red Delver.

"I'm definitely cruising," Wilson said. "It's a unique opportunity to get to play with it. I don't play many Legacy events in general and I wanted to play a new card. It made Delver a lot different. It used to have a really bad late game and you had to kill your opponent early. Now, I'd consider Delver to be like a control deck. It's pretty good."

Of course, Magic events are always full of run. Owen Turtenwald, the No. 1-ranked player, multiple Pro Tour Top 8 competitor, and winner of last year's Legacy Grand Prix in Washington D.C. (among others), had a little fun with his answer.

"Cruising. It's more fun. I'm also not much of a bruiser: I'm more of a lover, not a fighter."

With the cutoff for Day 2 looming the power of Treasure Cruise will be made clear with who makes the mark to return on Sunday. It's a ship that's sure to sail far.