Posted in Event Coverage on November 17, 2014

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

There are so many interesting cards and compelling choices for Legacy choosing just five from this weekend felt impossible. What set these five apart, however, were the stories they created for the players that picked them. Some were known quantities that led to contentious discussions. Others were off the radar but reinforced how the format really works.

These were the Top 5 cards of Grand Prix New Jersey.

#5 Treasure Cruise

 Coming into this weekend, the whole Legacy community was abuzz over the power of Treasure Cruise. Many expected the card and the strategies it’s a part of to be targeted this weekend. Nevertheless, the power of drawing three cards for a single mana made Treasure Cruise an integral part of, eventual winner, Brian Braun-Duin’s strategy.

#4 Pyroblast

There was a time when Pyroblast was one of the better sideboard options in Legacy. Now, Pyroblast is a serious inclusion to main decks that also include Brainstorm. There are enough Blue strategies that the upside of having one or two copies of Pyroblast in one’s deck outweighs the risk of drawing it in a matchup where it doesn’t do anything. Worst case scenario, the player with Pyroblast can simply shuffle it away with Brainstorm.

#3 Counterbalance

The popularity of decks that solely play cards that cost one or two mana made Counterbalance a force to be reckoned with this weekend. The card is an integral part of the Miracles strategy that put two different players into the Top 8 of this 4003 player event.

#2 Become Immense

Treasure Cruise has been well-explored at this point, but the Delve mechanic is proving itself to be better than expected. Making an expensive effect only cost a single mana leads to a lot of absurdity. Tom Ross used Become Immense to dish out massive amounts of poison counters throughout the weekend. In the quarterfinals, Ross was able to win with natural damage thanks to a huge swing with Become Immense.

#1 Chalice of the Void

Chalice of the Void where X equals one is pretty close to game-over for a lot of the Delver strategies in Legacy. A lot of players took advantage of Chalice of the Void this weekend, but none more than Joseph Santomassino, who showed up to his first Grand Prix with a big mana artifact deck that took advantage of Chalice of the Void. After fifteen rounds of swiss, Santomassino found himself in the Top 8 of the largest Legacy event in history thanks to the power of Chalice of the Void.

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