9th - 32nd Decklists of Grand Prix New Jersey 2018

Posted in Event Coverage on October 28, 2018

By Marc Calderaro

With a new Standard format, just the Top 8 doesn't do justice to everything that's going on with the cards and decks at the tournament. To help out, here's the decks that almost made the Top 8, going down to 32nd place.

Edgar Magalhaes's Jeskai Control – GP NJ, 9th

Ian Barber's Selesnya Midrange – GP NJ, 10th

Jonathan Sukenik's Golgari Midrange – GP NJ, 11th

Bradley Robinson's Selesnya Midrange – GP NJ, 12th

Dennis Weinbrecht's Golgari Midrange – GP NJ, 13th

(5) Owen Turtenwald's Boros Angels – GP NJ, 14th

Elliot Fortier's Boros Angels – GP NJ, 15th

Caner Aktas's Jeskai Control – GP NJ, 16th

X's Deck Name – GP NJ XXth

0 Cards

(1) Seth Manfield's Golgari Midrange – GP NJ, 17th

Mitchell Garrant's Jeskai Midrane – GP NJ, 18th

Matt Severa's Selesnya Midrange – GP NJ, 19th

Alex Polyakov's Selesnya Midrange – GP NJ, 20th

Steven Walters's Boros Angels – GP NJ, 21st

Tania Russell's Boros Angels – GP NJ, 22nd