Top 5 Moments of Grand Prix New York

Posted in Event Coverage on May 9, 2016

By Jacob Van Lunen and Marc Calderaro

Special thanks to Jacob Van Lunen and Marc Calderaro for their contributions to this article.

5. Team East West Bowl Continues Their Path to World Domination

Once again, in a moment that seems to happen at practically every major event these days, Team East West Bowl had a huge presence in the Top 8, and another member of the squad, Scott Lipp, picked up his first Grand Prix Top 8 as a member of the team. Three of the four players in the feature match area in Round 15 were from Team East West Bowl, and Lipp’s conversion continues a string of successes that’s like nothing we’ve seen for quite some time. With each passing week, the team is stocking Top 8s with its members at an unprecedented rate.

4. Brood Monitor Celebrates Mother’s Day

Last weekend, Team East West Bowl introduced the world to a four-color Collected Company/Cryptolith Rite deck that used Brood Monitor in conjunction with Eldrazi Displacer to create an infinite loop that instantly wins the game with Zulaport Cutthroat or tutors for any card with Catacomb Sifter. This weekend, Brood Monitor celebrated Mother’s Day with her children in grand fashion as the Oath of the Gatewatch uncommon graced the top tables with its presence throughout the weekend. It’s amazing how quickly the deck was adopted by the masses, especially considering that not a single copy cracked Top 8 last weekend. There were two copies of the deck in this weekend’s Top 8. It’s Mother’s Day! Celebrate with a brood of Eldrazi Scions!

3. Mike Sigrist Goes 15-0

Reigning Player of the Year (17) Mike Sigrist brought his family to Grand Prix New York and managed to battle through fifteen rounds of Swiss without a single blemish on his record. Managing an undefeated record through fifteen rounds is no easy feat, and the excitement of the achievement was augmented by the presence of his wife, Heather, and their nine-month-old twin girls.

2. Sam Black Casting The Great Aurora

Mad genius (13) Sam Black brought an exciting control deck that featured the often-overlooked The Great Aurora to Grand Prix New York. Early in the weekend, a lot of eyes were rolled, and no one expected Black’s wacky concoction to do anything noteworthy. Fast-forward to Round 15 and Black was playing for a spot in Top 8 and casting The Great Aurora to draw upward of 20 cards. He ended up losing the win-and-in, but not without leaving us with the beautiful work of art that is his Black-Green Great Aurora deck.

1. World Champion (1) Seth Manfield Brews a Beast

The top-ranked Magic player in the world was up at 1 a.m. on Saturday, going through binders of cards, trying to find the perfect combination for this weekend. Seth Manfield made an offbeat White-Black Control deck and submitted it without a single game of practice. After fifteen rounds of Swiss and a Top 8, Manfield emerged victorious from a field of over 2,000 players. He’s number one for a reason!

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