Quick Questions #1

Posted in Event Coverage on January 10, 2016

By Marc Calderaro

Quick Questions #1 – What Oath of the Gatewatch Card(s) Excites You the Most?

(HoF) Patrick Chapin – “There are a lot of good Eldrazi cards that have a low casting cost, but require at least two colorless mana, so they can work with Eldrazi Temple (and Eye of Ugin). There’s a lot of potential archetypes there ... I really like Jori En, Ruin Diver too. I think people are underrating her.”

“Also, I’m just really into -4/-4. Grasp of Darkness”


Ari Lax – “Definitely that 4/4 Vendilion Clique. [Thought-Knot Seer] It’s just good. I mean, it’s not difficult. Right?”

(HoF) Brian Kibler – “I was looking at possible Relic Seeker decks for the Pro Tour, and some of the new equipment is interesting. Captain’s Claws and Stoneforge Masterwork are interesting. Not sure if it’ll make it not bad though. Oh, and Dimensional Infiltrator too!”


(24) Craig Wescoe – Stone Haven Outfitter is real cool with Puresteel Paladin. And [echoing Kibler] Captain’s Claws makes your creature into, like, a half Hero of Bladehold. That seems pretty good.


Matt Sperling – “I really like [Kalitas, Traitor to Ghet]. I mean, Siege Rhino isn’t going to be in Standard forever, and I’m drawn to an aggressively costed black creature. 3/4 for four and making 2/2 Zombies. It just seems really strong.”

(9) Alex Hayne – “Kozilek, the Great Distortion is pretty big. I mean, it costs ten mana so it better be pretty big. And the lands seem good too. The colorless mechanic is just really cool. It opens up some good design space. You have to build your deck differently to be able to cast the cards, and it makes the painlands [like Battlefield Forge] a lot better.”

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