Quick Questions #3

Posted in Event Coverage on January 10, 2016

By Marc Calderaro

What’s the Most Important Sideboard Card this Weekend?

Ari Lax – “Duress, although it can be a maindeck card too. People forget how good that card is because it’s been around forever. But it is better than it’s ever been. All the best things are spells!”

When asked about what card feels the best to take with Duress, Lax answered, “Duress.”

Brian Kibler – “Planeswalker cards in general, really. Ob Nixilis Reignited, Kiora, Master of the Depths—those guys. Because decks are all good at exchanging resources and have good removal. It’s important to have efficient, reusable threats that don’t die to most of that stuff. That’s why Ob Nixilis has been good recently.”

(HoF) Patrick Chapin – “That’s tricky to answer, because I’d be OK with people not playing Duress and Painful Truths in their sideboards, because they have them all in their maindeck.”

(24) Craig Wescoe – “It’s either Hallowed Moonlight or Valorous Stance for me. Hallowed Moonlight is how you beat the Rally decks. You can bring them in against other decks too, but its mainly there for Rally. And it does well. And Valorous Stance is what I need for Abzan. I expected there to be a lot of Abzan here this week.”

Matt Sperling – “You know, you can’t quite maindeck Duress. But it takes Ugin, the Spirit Dragon out of ramp, it takes Secure the Wastes and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar from Esper Tokens, and it takes Rally the Ancestors too. It just get’s everything.”

(9) Alex Hayne –Disdainful Stroke. It just works. It’s good against Ramp, Jeskai, Mardu, and Esper. And because of the dual lands, basically any deck gets to play it. People have off-color duals and fetches already.”

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